July 16th, 2006

Misty Cotton

Cute puppies, INCREDIBLE performances, and seeing lovely people!! :) (Another GREAT day in LA!)

I did it again... I got sucked into the cuteness of the puppies at the pet store. Being a little early for the matinee of "tick, tick...BOOM!" I took some time to walk around Beverly Center (which is right across the street) and fell in love with a little pomeranian puppy who kept coming over to me and yawning. :) She was the cutest thing... If I had stayed there for a minute longer I might've had to try to explain to Mark why Sydney suddenly became an older sister... ;)

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tick, tick...BOOM!

Started my fabulous theatre day with tick, tick...BOOM! at the Coronet Theatre... It was one of the best things that I've seen in a LONG time! The story, of course, is the story of Jonathan Larson (creator of RENT) and how he was beginning to panic because his 30th birthday was closely approaching and he hadn't achieved what he wanted to... Wilson Cruz (as Michael), Andrew Samonsky (as Jonathan), and Tami Tappan Damiano (as Susan) were INCREDIBLE!! Tami's voice... can I just say it now? She can sing ANYTHING to shreds - she was amazing!! All the performances were really SO strong that I was so sad that the house was so empty... :( I was sitting in the front row - which was a little too close... I spent most of the show staring up people's nostrils (which Tami & I spoke about when I saw her after the show.)

Which brings me to what a warm person Tami is... I had debated whether I should stay to say HI to her because of the short period of time I had between shows, but I decided to stay and it was VERY worth it! I really think that Tami is the only person who I make a point to see after shows (who I DON'T do a website for...) She's always so warm and friendly and always teases me about my front row seats. :D I wish I could've stayed a little longer to talk with her, but sadly I had to run to head to Pasadena. :(

My stressful ride to Pasadena...

By the time I got out of the Coronet, it was already VERY close to 4pm - and I had less than an hour to make it through the Hollywood traffic (on a Friday during rush hour) and to Pasadena in time for the curtain of Julie's show (which started at 5pm.) It was INCREDIBLY stressful!! Especially because I don't know my way around the Beverly Hills/Hollywood area very well and spent a lot of time getting lost and confused! :( I've never sworn SO much in my entire life (I was beginning to give Kevin competition!) ;) When it was 4:45pm and I was STILL not out of the darn Hollywood area, I almost gave up hope that I'd make it there... Thankfully by some miracle, I was actually able to make it to the theatre 2 MINUTES before curtain!! I'm NEVER doing that again... It was just too stressful!!

I Do, I Do

Loved the show and Julie's performance!! It's been a while since I've seen Julie act in a dramatic role. True, the show was mostly a comedy, but it really did have its share of tender and heartbreaking moments as well. As always, Julie's physical comedy can't be beat... when she tried to pick up something that had fallen on the ground during her "8 months pregnant" scene - it was hysterical!! Especially loved how she played Agnes strong enough to be believable, yet vulnerable enough for us to really sympathize with her... she was just SO wonderful!!

Got to see cahwyguy and his lovely family for the show that evening and even though we weren't sitting together, they said they knew that I must've arrived in time because they heard me scream for Julie. ;) As always Julie was such a pleasure to speak with after the show!! She showed me a picture of her new puppy on her phone and we spoke a lot about re-designing her site... I created it SO LONG ago and I'm really looking forward to changing the design. :) I love Julie, she's always SUCH a pleasure to see!!

The Last 5 Years

Oh my gosh, what a brilliant production that was!! I'd seen the show earlier this year with Jason Robert Brown and Julia Murney at Reprise which was amazing in itself, but this production really added SO MUCH more! Credit Nick for his wonderful vision of the show... the staging and use of personal photographs in the backdrop and well as a re-curring theme of the show - was really brilliant. I can't say enough how much I admire that man! He has talent beyond belief! It's a shame that I didn't get the chace to see him after the show this time on my trip. :( I just adore him!

Misty was phenomenal as Cathy and really, I think that her role was the hardest to play... She has to start off with SO much emotion in the beginning of the show with NOWHERE for it to build up from (since her character is re-telling their story in reverse.) Daniel Tatar, on the other hand, who was incredible in his own right as Jaime, has the time for his emotion to build throughout the show so that by the end, his emotion seems a natural progression. Misty is just SO talented... I can't even put it into words... her comedy, her emotion, her beautiful singing... Everything was absolutely perfect! I LOVED her "Summer in Ohio" (especially her little insect repellent bit...SO funny!) and whatever I've seen her in - she ALWAYS makes me cry!

Got to see Misty after the show and she was SUCH a dear, as always!! She was shocked that I'd seen SO many shows that day and was really touched that Tami had told me to tell her HI. :) Misty is SUCH a warm person and though I got to know her several years ago, it's been ages since I've been able to speak with her!! Really, she's one of my favorite people - but I still feel a little shy around her because I haven't seen her that much in a long time.

So ends one of the most lovely LA theatre days so far! Got to see all my favorite female performers (minus Bets!) :( I'm heading back to Long Beach today to see "Anything Goes." I'm debating whether to try to get rush tickets for the matinee today or if I should spend my time around town buying omiyage. :) We'll see how I feel. :) Hope you all have a lovely Sunday!! :D *HUGS*
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