July 17th, 2006

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YAY!! I'm home!! :D

It was amazing in itself that I was able to wake up this morning in time to make it to the airport for my 7am flight... my track record (as you all well know) with actually getting ON my flights that are returning home is not very good. :P I set the hotel alarm for 3:30 am, asked for a wake up call at 3:45 am, but even then I must've been SO paranoid about oversleeping that I got up almost every hour... :P When I reached the airport I was exhausted!! Thank goodness I was actually able to get some sleep on the plane. :)

Speaking of which,... when did airlines start charging money for blankets and pillows? $9.95??? Seriously, I've always said that all an airline needs to do is take me from point A to point B, they don't need to feed me, offer me anything to drink... but you'd think basic things like airline blankets and pillows would come with the airfare! Next they're going to charge me extra to use the overhead compartment. :P

In any case, I'm home and I've been snuggling with the fuzzy dog for the past few hours before I unpack all my things. I tried to tell her that she's in 3rd place in the Savory Dog Treat contest, but she doesn't seem too impressed. That's the good thing about Sydney, she's not going to let this go to her head. ;)

Saw two showings of "Anything Goes" yesterday and they were wonderful. Kevin was stronger in the matinee than the evening show... which was totally understandable since all he must've been thinking about was how he wanted to spend quality time with Julie before she left this morning. There were so many people waiting to see Kevin at the stage door and I knew all he wanted to do was go home... I didn't want to hold him up so I just said a quick good-bye and wished Julie a safe trip, and then headed back to my hotel.

I did happen to see Brian Brigham (Danny in the production of GREASE that Bets did in Fullerton) waiting at the stage door with some of his friends and for whatever reason, I was brave enough to introduce myself to him. He recognized me and said, "Oh yeah, from MySpace!" :) He was very sweet and, even in person, looked, acted like, and reminded me SO totally of Chad Brannon! Yeow!

Well, I'm off to take a nap with my fuzzy dog. :) Hope you're all having a nice Monday! Big *HUGS*
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