August 10th, 2006



Apparently, Mark & I are traveling during one of the worst times - security wise - for the airline industry in a long time... I understand and appreciate the need for heightened security and I did travel to and from NYC during those frightening days shortly after 9/11 so I understand the need and the reasons for this, but it never fails, I always seem to travel at the wrong time. :P Thank goodness our flight is tomorrow morning and not today! The morning news showed the line at our local airport and I think that tomorrow Mark & I should arrive for our flight at least three hours in advance! :P

Oh well... in other news, Mark is having EXTREME travel stress. Of course all this news of heightened security on flights doesn't help his stress at all. He's worried we won't make our flight, that even if we do make our flight we'll be so delayed we'll miss our evening show that night, he's worried about the lines at LAX when we come home... Add to that his usual stress of packing the right things and just traveling in general and it all adds up to a very grouchy hubby. :P He and I are like night and day... I love the unknown - he fears it. I think that's part of the reason he doesn't like to travel like I do and the reason I tend to do a lot of traveling by myself. :P

In any case, we leave early tomorrow morning... My major stress lies in the uncertainty that I'll actually get everything done at work that I need to before I leave. Amidst all the things piled on my desk that I need to get to, my BIG boss wanted me to be present at our big rep meeting yesterday to take minutes. Normally I don't mind, but with SO much going on right now and me trying desperately to finish everything before I leave for LA tomorrow, I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to waste a half a day taking minutes at a meeting...

My apologies to all for the lack of comments recently. I will definitely catch up on all of your journal entries tonight and respond to all of your comments. Right now, I'm running a wee bit late for work (but what else is new?) ;P
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