August 13th, 2006

Kevin facial hair :)

A GREAT day in LA (with photos!!)

Our day started with a trip to the Glendale Galleria. There I spent WAAAAY too much money, finally finding slacks I liked that: 1) actually fit, 2) didn't have a waistline SO low that I'm unable to wear it to work. It was a little more than I'm used to spending, but I have SUCH a problem finding clothes that actually fit me (and are work appropriate) that when I find it, I usually can't worry too much about the price. :P I feel a little broke now, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I can NEVER find clothes at home and I never go clothes shopping except when I'm in LA anyway...

We ate lunch at Red Robin :) and had the wonderful freckled lemonade. :) It's really the most delicious thing ever!


After the mall, we headed to the LA Arboretum to see Kevin in concert with the Philharmonic Orchestra. I always love seeing Kevin sing - it usually doesn't matter what, however the concert that we were seeing was basically a repeat of the concert that I first saw in 2002. So even though I was excited, I knew nothing could ever compare to the excitement of that very first concert I saw four years ago...

The nice surprise last night... our tickets!!! Even though I buy our tickets almost the moment they're announced, we usually end up on Table 154 or higher. :P I think the closest that I ever got to the front was Table 121 and that was last year when I bought our tickets in February for the concert (which was 7 months in advance!!) :P THIS YEAR WE WERE ON TABLE 1!!! :D I told that to Kevin and he laughed. "Get out!!!" He said, "We're all the way back on Table 157!" Our front row seats were wonderful and allowed us to see everything on the stage and added SO MUCH to my enjoyment of the concert. :)

Kevin sang five songs: "Sunset Boulevard," "The Money Kept Rolling In," "Gus, the Theatre Cat," "Music of the Night" (for which he received a standing ovation) and "All I Ask of You." The latter two were songs that weren't sung at the concert in 2002 and really, just getting to hear him sing those two songs were worth the price of admission alone. He was incredible, as always!

Got to speak with Kevin quite a bit at the concert. He was with his cousin Mike and his family who were helping him sell his CD at the information booth (Julie is still away overseas shooting her movie.) It was funny, but whenever Kevin passed our table he'd wave to us or stop to speak with us - he even caught us taking a silly self portrait and offered to take our picture for us. :) Spoke with his cousins and got to see his nephew, who's SO big now! (I remembered when his cousin's wife was pregnant with him when I saw them at "Spitfire Grill" in Nov of 2002) :) It's always so nice to see Kevin, but I love seeing him at the Calphil concert each year because it's SUCH a laid back setting and he's always so much more relaxed and himself... :D

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Today we're heading to Beverly Center and then seeing Tami in "tick, tick...BOOM!" at the Coronet theatre and then we're heading to the Ahmanson to see "Curtains." :) It should be another wonderful day. :D Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! :) *HUGS*!!
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