August 28th, 2006


This definitely falls into the "Thank Goodness" category!

My Mom is a very typical Japanese woman... She never wants to make a big deal about anything health related because she's SO ashamed to go to the doctor and draw attention to it when it could turn out to be nothing. Well, on the 4th of July when we all went to the in-laws house for lunch, she showed me a little mole on her leg.

It was tiny, but oddly shaped and I told her she should get it checked out. Of course, being the typical Japanese woman that she is, she didn't want to make a special trip to see her doctor to tell him to look at it. "When I go for my blood test, I'll ask him to look at it," she told me. Thankfully she kept her word and he referred her to a dermatologist.

All last week she kept telling me that she didn't think she needed to go and that it was such a minor thing that she was embarrassed to have to go all the way there just for that. Well, THANK GOODNESS she went because that mole thingy on her leg turned out to be cancerous!

Thankfully, the doctor removed it while she was in the office and aside from a little pain and a big hole in her leg (her words, not mine) she seems to be doing fine. I was pretty shocked when she told me - I'd already lost one parent to cancer and I don't know what I'd do if something horrible happened to her... She had to sit through some of my scolding, but basically it was me just telling her how thankful I was that they caught it right away. My Mom is one of THE MOST stubborn people around, and something tells me that I'll have to remind her of this incident the next time she doesn't want to go to the doctor to have something checked.

But, I have to say it again... THANK GOODNESS!!
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