September 16th, 2006

Doug & Sheri

"Urinetown" at Manoa Valley Theatre & the weekend's here! :)

Last night Mark & I saw "Urinetown" at Manoa Valley Theatre and we were pleasantly surprised by all the talent on stage! Going in we were a little afraid, since we'd seen and loved the Broadway production so much, but (little things aside) this production of "Urinetown" has to rank up there with us as one of the better local productions we'd seen in a long time!

Matthew Pennaz, who we'd previously seen and LOVED in "The Fully Monty" and "Jesus Christ Superstar" (both at Diamond Head Theatre) was a GREAT Officer Lockstock. He had just the perfect blend of humor and wackiness to make Lockstock hilarious and walked that fine line of being over-the-top very well. Admittedly, his baritone is not as strong as his beautiful tenor voice that I'd heard in "Superstar", but I would definitely say that his performance was one of the strongest in the cast. I've become a great admirer of Matthew's talent and can't wait to see what other local production he appears in. :)

R. Andrew Doan, who we'd previously seen in "The Full Monty" at Diamond Head Theatre as well was a great Cladwell... However, after having seen the glorious John Cullum on Broadway, it was a little hard to see anyone else effectively in the role. That unfair comparison aside, he was one of the stronger members of the cast and his "Don't Be the Bunny" was one of the highlights of the show. The entire cast as a whole was one of the best local production casts that we'd seen in a very long time (since "The Full Monty", probably) and that alone made the show a joy to see.

All in all it was a great production and Mark & I are so glad that we went to see it. It was the first time we'd seen a show at Manoa Valley Theatre and we were definitely impressed. The theatre itself reminded me of the Stella Adler Theatre in LA, where the audience enters through the top and the seat formation is block style (behind a railing) without a wrap around the stage. That formation usually gives the audience a little feeling of detachment, but thankfully this theatre is small enough (150 seats) to still have that intimate feeling. We're seriously thinking about becoming subscribers after seeing this production - they have a few shows (including "Working") that we'd be very interested in seeing this season. :)

This weekend is a pretty standard one for us... I'm spending most of it stuck to the computer finishing up some web stuff, but tonight Mark & I are eating dinner with Susan and Frederick at Gyotaku - which is a wonderful Japanese restaurant nearby. It's been such a long time since I've seen Susan so it'll be really nice to catch up with her! :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!! *HUGS*
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