September 21st, 2006

Doug & Sheri

I'm sorry I haven't been here for a while...

Work has been incredibly ridiculous (starting on Monday with a shocking resignation of one of our best reps), my diet has been shot to hell (darn all that yummy dim sum...) and darn it... I have to admit this, but I've been spending WAAAY too much time watching a new DVD set that I recently purchased... And okay, I'll admit that I'm actually pretty addicted to it... It's Queer as Folk... Who would've thought?

And yes... I realize that I'm always late in discovering things - and this is no exception (yes, leave it to me to realize how great this show is AFTER it's over...)

Some of the scenes are pretty explicit, but if you can get past the shock value of that - the storylines, the acting, and writing are extremely engaging. Currently I'm halfway through Season 2 on DVD and it's amazing... and I have to say, Hal Sparks is just adorable. And I can't even describe the talent that Gale Harold has... he's AMAZING - to be able to play such a self-involved jerk that we all should hate, but end up really loving just makes his portrayal all the more special... His storyline with Randy Harrison is turning out to be incredibly touching and beautiful...

"Then you turned around and smiled... and then I knew why Debbie calls you Sunshine..." *SIGH*

One of my favorite scenes (aside from the one I quoted above) is of Michael and Brian on the rooftop in the first episode. In fact, I think it was when Michael turned around to hug Brian, that I knew that this was a show that I needed to keep watching.

So I've been watching it in marathon fashion - like a good book, not wanting to put it down - always wanting to know what happens next... And because of it, I've completely gotten behind on LJ (I just realized this morning hadn't logged in since Sunday...), my sites, and email. And I promise to catch up on all of your entries tonight.

Hope you're all well, big *HUGS* and I miss you all...
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