October 15th, 2006

Queer as Folk - Michael & Ben 3

Thank goodness for the weekend...

...and for Season 3 of Queer As Folk!! As expected, I've pretty much been having a QaF marathon this weekend... All I have to say is... Episode 307 - the "needle" scene (and all the scenes preceding it...) Oh.My.Gosh... There are simply no words for just how talented these actors are. It's my favorite episode EVER... Michael's daydream scene in the beginning of the episode... WHOA... What I love about Michael & Ben's story is that their love scenes all help to further the plot and is in no way gratuitous... The daydream scene showed Michael's desire to understand what it feels like to be positive and connect with Ben in a way that he feels he hasn't been able to since Paul died... What an incredible episode - and what an incredible scene. And Scott Lowell (Ted) was just remarkable in his crystal meth addiction scenes... it was almost too painful to watch - but he is just SUCH a talented actor!

I've actually completed the entire season now... Mark & I plan to go to Sam's Club tomorrow so maybe while we're there I can pcik up season 4... But then I think, what am I going to do after I've finished season 5?? Part of me wants to wait and hold off watching them all because when I'm done, there'll be no more. :P I mean, what will I do then? ;)

In non-QaF news, tomorrow Mark & I are going to Border's for another one of Jon's book signings. :) The interesting thing about Jon is that I knew him all throughout high school, but never once knew that he and Mark grew up together since grade school as best friends. Mark ended up going to a very ritzy private school shortly after 3rd grade and so I never met Mark in high school, but the oddest thing was that I knew all of his friends... Aside from everything else, I really think that just proves that we were destined to meet. :) Well, that and the fact that we practically grew up down the street from each other and never actually met until after college. :P

On a healthy eating related note,... I've been really craving Chinese and Korean food lately... More specifically, dim sum and oyster sauce chicken with cake noodles. I blame Mark, though since he spent the entire morning talking about a great Cantonese buffet that he went to with his parents when I was on one of my trips... And everyone knows that aside from Korean and Japanese food, the one kind of food I can't resist is Chinese... *SIGH*

Finally, Kevin was nice enough to send over a postcard for his upcoming cabaret. I'm so sad that I'll be missing it, it looks like it'll be fabulous!! If any of you are in the LA area, please support him!

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Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!! I'm off to get some much needed sleep! *HUGS*
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Waking up to a huge quake and no electricity...

...it wasn't exactly the way I thought I'd spend my Sunday... This morning Mark & I woke up to a 6.5 earthquake at about 7am... Stuff was falling off of our shelves and the bed was shaking like crazy. :P Poor Sydney must've been wondering what the heck was going on... After having lived in Santa Barbara for about 4 years, earthquakes really aren't new to me... but this one actually lasted for quite a while - and was pretty freaky!

After the first aftershock (which I later heard was a 4.5 quake), we immediately lost power. For the next 8 hours we were powerless, with only a portable battery-operated radio to tell us what was going on. Apparently the entire island lost power and thankfully it appears that there doesn't seem to be any major structural damage and no real reports of serious injuries... I've spoken with all of our family and everyone seems to be okay...

Thank you all so much for all of your concern about the quake!! When the power came back on, the first thing I did was check email and there were so many concerned messages here and on MySpace for us out here - you guys are the best!! Big *HUGS* to you!!!
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