October 19th, 2006

Doug & Sheri

A creepy reality show, a new technical gadget, and disaster recovery?

...I probably won't be getting much sleep tonight since I watched (against my better judgment) the first episode of Celebrity Paranormal on Vh1.com. It's a show about 5 celebrities who are picked to investigate the most haunted places in the US... Doesn't sound like something I'd watch? Well, I hate reality shows and normally that's the LAST thing I'd be interested in seeing, but if one of those 5 celebrities happens to be Hal Sparks, that might change the stakes a little for me... Just a little though because it was REALLY, really creepy... I'm not a haunted house person, or a horror movie person - so the fact that I actually sat through and watched the entire show was amazing in itself... It did have its light moments, like at the end when Hal said that he still thought that the scariest thing in that place was Gary Busey. :) Gotta love his wise ass comments! I believe this airs on VH1 on October 22nd, just in time for Halloween... :P

Speaking of creepy, the other day at work we were minding our own business when our fire alarm went off and nearly scared half of our co-workers to death. The alarm happens to be situated just inside one of our offices and is not of the "clanging" variety... It's more of an annoying buzz... a really LOUD annoying buzz. Normally it would just be irritating, but after our little earthquake incident on Sunday still fresh in everyone's minds, it was a bit unnerving... Thankfully it only ended up being the air conditioning man who got a little carried away flipping switches in our control room! :P

On another, much happier note... I just got an email that my Queer as Folk seasons 4 & 5 dvds have been shipped!! Of course, for us in Hawaii that means that we'll have to wait for them to paddle it out to us by canoe, ;) but I was expecting them to arrive in November so any time before that would be a treat. :) My only sadness is that once I watch them both, there won't be any more to look forward to... :( It almost makes me want to save them... almost... ;)

And finally after lots of questions, lots of browsing around at different electronics stores, I ended up buying this today at Circuit City. :) I'd been looking around for a DVD recorder / VHS combo for a while now and when I saw this one, at a MUCH better price than what's advertised in the link for an "open box" model, I just had to get it. This weekend I think I'm going to be spending my time recording my VHS tapes (like the video of our wedding) to DVDs. :)

I'd better run and watch something to get my mind off that darn creepy show... Damn that Hal Sparks, why couldn't he appear in something that I could watch that wouldn't damage my psyche? ;) Bleh.
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