November 12th, 2006

David Burnham

Short update from Los Angeles as the hubby sleeps... :)

We're here in LA and have spent the majority of our day yesterday eating and spending money... Two things I was trying so hard to control recently! :( As we waited for our hotel to allow us to check yesterday morning, we hit the Burbank Media Center Mall... My excuse for clothes shopping is that my clothing size is ALWAYS in a constant state of flux so I never have enough clothes in my current size... While it's a good excuse to always go shopping, it does get to be a bit frustrating at times... For all I know, I might gain back all the weight I lost and not even fit into all the new clothes I just bought a few months from now. :P

The Light in the Piazza

I have seen David Burnham go on as Fabrizio... and now my life is complete. :) Those who have been reading my journal for a while will know that there's absolutely no sarcasm in that statement AT ALL... In January, Mark & I were very disappointed to find out that we missed David by mere days! :( One of my main reasons for making the trip out here this time was the opportunity to see David as Fabrizio on the tour... and I was definitely NOT disappointed.

The show was just beautiful... I've seen the Broadway cast before in Jaunary when Mark & I were in NYC and really, it was one of the highlights of my trip back then... It was SO interesting to see two completely different casts of the same show so close together... David was INCREDIBLE - by the time he sang "Love to Me" I was completely in tears!! His Fabrizio seemed to be a bit younger and a little more... I don't know if naieve is the right word - but for lack of a better one,... naieve (but not in a bad way)... than Aaron Lazar's portrayal... Whether or not he intended it that way, I think it worked really well within the context of the show. His voice was just SO amazing... I'd only seen David onstage once - in a concert reading of "Assassins" YEARS ago when I went to see Kevin - and I'd forgotten, not only what a beautiful voice he had, but what an amazing stage presence he had as well. I think his performance alone will be the highlight of my trip!!

Finally getting to meet David after the show

At first I was a little apprehensive about waiting to see David at the stage door after the show... I don't know him personally and I knew that they had another show that evening and probably the LAST thing he wanted to do was spend his dinner time being fawned over by people who'd seen him in the show... BUT I have to say, he was the warmest, sweetest man ever!!

Usually I'm VERY shy around performers I don't know and have trouble speaking with them at the stage door, but David was just SO warm and easy to speak with that he put me at ease right away. :) I told him that I hadn't realized that he'd worked with so many of the people I adored... Bets, Nick, Kevin, etc. and he went on to say the sweetest things about all of them and told me how much he loved working with them. He gets so many extra points in my book for that - anyone with lovely things to say about Bets, Nick, and Kevin is definitely tops in my book!! We talked about MySpace on how his computer died and he couldn't get online for a while, and about his new CD coming out - really, he couldn't have been any sweeter - I just loved him!!! He even agreed to take a photo with me... which I rarely EVER do when I meet someone for the first time, but he was SUCH a sweetheart, it somehow didn't feel awkward asking him for a photo. :)

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Musical of Musicals; the Musical

After seeing "Piazza," Mark and I headed down to the Colony Theatre to see Musical of Musicals; the Musical. The show was funny, campy and made fun of some of my favorite musicals ("Carousel," "Into the Woods," etc.) The thing that was really incredible about the show was four person cast... They were incredibly talented and because they were onstage almost constantly, the roles were incredibly demanding.

Today we are heading out to do more shopping (I can almost hear my credit card cry out in pain!) ;) at the Santa Anita Fashion Mall and then we're heading out to Escondido to see Kevin in MY WAY - which I'm really looking forward to. :) Later tonight also we have "Sister Act" at Pasadena Playhouse so it should be another wonderful day of theatre. Hope you're all doing well... I'm off to wake the sleepy hubby and start the day. *HUGS*
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