November 13th, 2006

Julie / Kevin - photo by Sheri 2

Another fabulous day in LA! :)

Mark and I are having SUCH a lovely trip so far!! Yesterday we made the LOOONG trek down to Escondido to see Kevin, Tami, Katy, and Damon in My Way at the Welk Resort. :) I'd seen the show 5 times with virtually the same cast (except for Katy) in La Mirada last year, but really... to see the show with ALL of my favorite LA theatre people? How could I pass that up? ;)

Seeing everyone BEFORE the show!!

As Mark & I were standing outside, waiting for the show to begin, we spotted Damon and Tami standing in the parking lot. We went over to say HI and found out why there were standing there... They were apparently playing a practical joke on Kevin and had "reserved" a parking space for him... well, you'll see in the photo I took below. :) It was hilarious that I took the picture even BEFORE I knew what it was. ;) Unfortunately, as Damon and Tami later realized, Kevin showed up for the show WAAAY too early and never even saw the sign. :(

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When we left Damon and Tami, we ran into Julie Ann waiting outside for the show to begin. We spent some time speaking with her about her new movie "House" - which she was shooting in Poland this past summer and her upcoming appearances on "Bones" (this coming week - everyone tune in!!) and "Ghost Whisperer" (episode 11 - which she says will probably air in January sometime) :) We also spent some time talking about her really disturbing appearance in "Alias" last fall and about her eye opening trip to Poland. She also spent some time giving us the best (traffic free) directions to Pasadena Playhouse for our drive back) It's always SOOOO lovely to speak with Julie and it was nice that we got the chance to see her on this trip!!

My Way - the show itself

Lovely,lovely,lovely!! And I know I'm biased because it stars all of my favorite theatre people, but it was SOOO nice to see Kevin, Tami, Katy, and Damon onstage having SOOO much fun!! The show was a little shorter than the one at La Mirada, and excluded an intermission (and Kevin said two songs were cut...) but basically it was the same. I love the entire cast so seeing them all was a real treat!!

After the show

Spoke with the cast in the lobby - they come out in costume to greet everyone after the show. :) It was SOOO nice to see them all... Damon called me a "My Way" veteran and teased me about my really good seats. :) The last time I saw him in "My Way" he patiently waited while my friends and I monopolized Kevin's time - he's always been SOOO sweet to me, it was SOOO nice to see him again!! Katy was SUCH a dear!! She teased me once saying that I'd seen her in more shows out in LA than her own parents and she was the first person I told I was going to see My Way after I bought tickets. :) It was SOOO nice to see her!! :) And of course Tami is ALWAYS a joy to see! She's warm, funny, outgoing and wonderful all the time... And of course Kevin... it's always SOOO lovely to see Kevin. :) I found out that he's going to be performing at the Ovations tonight (WOOOO!) in a tribute to Jerry Herman. :) Love him! It was just SOOOO lovely to see everyone - seeing them all was definitely worth the long drive out there!! :)

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Sister Act - the musical

After My Way, Mark & I made the long journey back to Pasadena to see Sister Act, the musical at Pasadena Playhouse. With the help of some really great traffic free directions from Julie Ann, we made it to the playhouse with a lot of time to spare! :) The show itself (which is based on the Whoopi Goldberg movie of the same name) was incredibly fun and entertaining. Dawnn Lewis (of TV's "A Different World") played the lead role and she was wonderful - I didn't realize that she had such a nice singing voice! The person who I think really stole the show, though is Beth Malone. I'd previously seen Beth in "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" and I know she's a close, close friend of Bets' and I couldn't wait to see her in this show! She played the very meek and shy Sister Mary Robert. She was magnificant, hysterical, and MAN can that girl belt out a tune! Her portrayal was SOOO endearing, so incredible - she clearly stole the show. If any of you live in the LA area, please go and see this show - it's gotten a lot of really good press lately and it's very well deserved. :)

Today Mark & I are taking it easy... we're probably going to hit the mall in a bit and then we're going to head to the Orpheum Theatre to attend the Ovation Awards. Hope you're all doing well... Big *HUGS* to all of you!!
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Trying to put together an Ovation outfit and Crispycones?

Tonight is the Ovation Awards... the attire is pretty dressy at these things and though I love going to these things, I've always hated dressing up. :P I have a couple of dresses that I brought along from home for the evening, but I didn't have any jewelry to wear... So today, Mark & I headed out to the Santa Anita Fashion Mall to look around...

After looking at a bunch of places, I finally found this necklace at Windsor - which I think is perfect for the evening. :) Hopefully it'll all look okay together with my earrings, dress, and shoes... I'm not much of a girly-girl so dressing up is a difficult concept for me - I'm mostly a sweater and slacks kind of girl...

Here's my necklace, if anyone is interested...

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While we were at the mall, Mark & I encountered "Crispycones" in the food court. Has anyone heard of this place? They take all different kinds of food (pizza toppings, fajita fillers, omelete stuffers, etc.) and bake them and serve them up in cones. I've never seen a place like this before so Mark & I had to try it! Mark had the spicy pork cone and I had the meatball and mozzarella cone - and they were both pretty good! It kind of had the feel of an open hot pocket. :)

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Oh well... I'm off to get ready for the big awards show... I'll be back tomorrow morning with a full re-cap of the evening. :) Hope you all have a wonderful night!! Big *HUGS*
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