November 19th, 2006

Queer as Folk - Michael / Ben promo

My happier entry...

Thanks to a very good breakfast, some nice quality time with the hubby and fuzzy dog, and a marathon session of "Queer as Folk", I am now ready to bring you a much happier entry. :)

I just finished watching my Season 4 dvd set of "Queer as Folk". (Big *SIGH*) Though it wasn't as "edgy" as the first three seasons, I still loved it and LOVED watching the growth in the characters. It truly is a coming of age story of all the main characters involved. I love Scott Lowell - and how he turns back into the neat and neurotic Ted that we all love. ("I had to go home to dust") :) and I love Peter Paige - and I'm loving Emmett's newfound friendship with Debbie - they're so cute, especially when Em is talking to Debbie about all her Christmas decorations after Vic dies. And although I love Hal Sparks, there really wasn't too much for him to do - storyline wise - this season, which was pretty disappointing. He had a few good scenes - Vic's funeral, coming home to Ben, but really - he wasn't given a real dramatic story this season... which is why, if I had to chose, I really preferred Season 3.

Season 5 is beckoning me, but I've resisted the urge to watch it. Part of me knows that once I see it, there won't be any more to look forward to and that's incredibly sad. :( Still, I've been tempted to just take a peak at it because I'm anticipating some great Ben/Michael moments. Maybe after I finish Season 5, I'll start watching the British version... ;)

On a completely separate note, I can't believe the holidays are approaching so quickly! Although I love the warm and fuzzy feeling of this time of year, I also can't take all the traffic that's generated in and around my workplace (since I work across the street from the mall) :P And soon our big local mall will be putting up the HUGE Santa that I'll have to avoid (those who haven't read about my strange phobia, here's a link to my previous post that explains it all).

Hope you've all had a nice weekend!! Thanks and BIG *HUGS* to everyone who had to put up with my crappy mood post this morning. :)
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