December 2nd, 2006

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A real post for once... ;)

And of course, I have to start off talking about food - after all, it just wouldn't be my journal if I didn't mention food! ;) Last week my co-workers and I found THE PERFECT lunch place. Moe's just opened in the mall and their food is tasty, reasonable, and the possibly the best thing is there are many things I can choose to eat from the menu. :D The other day I tried the Pinky Tuscadero taco salad - which was wonderful and the day before that I tried the I Said Posse quesadillas - YUM! I've definitely found my new favorite eating place. :D

Our work's Christmas Party is tonight so we'll be leaving shortly to check into our hotel room. One of the things I love most about our Christmas party is getting to see everyone. Because our department is so spread out (our reps in the field are spread out amongst the 65 branches in the state) we rarely get the opportunity to see everyone together in the same place - so times like these are very nice!

Speaking of work, I had to pick up a cell phone this week for work purposes... My BIG boss flipped when I was out of the office one afternoon when he called looking for me and demanded that I get "connected." My new cell is pretty basic (I got the one that comes free with the plan) and really, the only thing I wanted was to make sure that I got a phone small enough so I could carry it AND my personal phone in my purse... :P

Next week Thursday, Mark & I are seeing "Cinderella" at Diamond Head Theatre. Last year the holidays were so busy that we completely forgot about the December show at DHT... :( This year I made it a point of notating it on every calendar in the house so we don't forget to go this year.

Speaking of theatre, can anyone suggest some shows to see in LA during the weekend of January 11th? I have a couple of shows I'm planning on seeing, but it seems like most theatres are dark that weekend. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

I'm off to pack my overnight bag for the party... Hope you all have a lovely evening!! Big *HUGS* to you!!
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