December 9th, 2006


This is what I love about live theatre...

On Thursday night, Mark & I had the good fortune of seeing "Cinderella" at our local Diamond Head Theatre. As one would expect, the audience was filled with families with very young children. During a particularly sweet scene, a little girl sitting right in front of us (she couldn't have been more than five years old) let out a LOUD and completely spontaneous "Ewwwwwww!" just as the Prince leaned in to kiss his mother on the cheek. It was so loud, in fact, that the actors on stage, as well as the rest of the theatre heard her and suddenly the theatre errupted in laughter,... even the actors were unable to control their smiles. It was such a hysterical and precious moment that I will never forget. :)

My apologies for not having been here this week... The holidays and my job have taken a HUGE toll on my internet time lately!! This week was the first week that I was completely emmersed in my new job... and all I have to say is that if it continues at this pace, I may not be able last... I can REALLY see how this job takes its toll on a person and how it's IMPOSSIBLE to have children in this position... Heck, I barely see Mark anymore. :( In fact, I see my BIG boss much more than anyone else these days (and that includes Mark!!) :P I guess it'll just take some time to get used to... :P For now, though my daily thought is... "Can I have my old job back?" :P

So... as far as the holidays are concerned - even with all of my good intentions, no gifts have been purchased, no cards have been ordered or sent... I'm WAAAAAY behind on the holiday stuff this year and for once, it's not procrastination that's the culprit... it's my damn job! :P If I just had one night where I was allowed to come home before 10:30pm, I might be able to get something done...

Enough of this... I'm VERY thankful for my job (I do love it, no matter how much I complain) and I'd never want anyone to think that I'd ever take it for granted... It's just that sometimes it can get to feel a little overwhelming... :P

Hope you all are well!! I'm off to catch up on all your entries and then get ready to head back to the office this morning. Oh, joy! ;) Hope you all have a lovely Saturday!!
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