December 16th, 2006

Julie Ann - Hitch

First of all...

...did anyone happen to see "Ghost Whisperer" last night? Mark & I tuned in to the last few minutes and realized (much too late) that it was Julie Ann's episode! :( On our last trip, we saw her the day after she'd finish shooting it and we were under the impression that it was going to air in January... :( if anyone was fortunate enough to see it, I'd love to know how she was. :)

On a completely separate, non-Julie note, I was actually able to send out most of my holiday cards this week! As a reminder, if you'd like to receive one of our holiday cards (and silly newsletters) please fill out the poll in my earlier post. I'm slowly getting my holiday act together - it's been pretty difficult with everything going on at work, but I have managed to, at least, send out most of my cards. :)

Speaking of which, I have a HUGE exam on Tuesday that I need to take for work which I haven't even begun to study for... I lug my book around with me diligently every day with good intentions, however, I can never find the time to actually open it. So, I apologize in advance if I'm not around this weekend too much - I'll be trying to study for the exam. :P

And I've been a completely awful LJ friend recently! :( I haven't been keeping up with my friends' page the entire week. :( I'm going to try to go back this morning and read and comment as much as possible on past entries, but I apologize in advance if I haven't been as commenty - as I usually am... Working all those late hours has really taken its toll on me. Hopefully it calms down soon - so I can actually get to spend some time with Mark again. :P

Hope all of you are well... I MISS YOU GUYS!! :( I feel so distant from everyone... :( Big *HUGS*
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