December 22nd, 2006

The Marvelous Wonderettes

Thanks so much for all of your supportive comments below!!

As an update, I've actually rescheduled my exam from hell for the 28th... just WHY I keep putting myself through this torture during the holidays is beyond me! ;P Hopefully this time the "allowing me to take my exam" portion of the exam will be very UNeventful. :P

In other news, I think I tentatively have my theatre viewing schedule together for January & February:


Thursday, January 11th (Eve): 13 @ Mark Taper Forum (YAY for $20 Hottix!!)
Friday, January 12th (Eve): Camelot @ La Mirada Theatre (Possibly)
Sunday, January 14th (Mat): The Marvelous Wonderettes @ El Portal Forum Theatre (YAY for not procrastinating!!)
Sunday, January 14th (Eve): Defiance @ Pasadena Playhouse (YAY for Goldstar!!) :)


Thursday, February 15th (Eve): Kevin and Bets' Valentine's Concert @ Carpenter's Center
Friday, February 16th (Eve): Possibly Will Roger's Follies @ Performance Riverside
Saturday, February 17th (Mat): Possibly Phantom @ Fullerton CLO
Saturday, February 17th (Eve): ??? Any suggestions in the Long Beach, Fullerton area?
Sunday, February 18th (Mat): Possibly Street Scene @ Scherr Auditorium in Thousand Oaks
Sunday, February 18th (Eve): Possibly A Time for Love @ The Rubicon Theatre in Ventura

Really wish I could be in LA over the weekend of February 5th, though... I'd give just about anything to see Reprise's one night concert version of Baby... *SIGH* :P Thankfully Valley Musical Theatre is also staging Baby in 2007 - the only thing is I have this odd feeling about the casting of the Reprise version... and I think I'll want to be in town to see it... :(

In non-theatre news, I have ONE MORE DAY of work until my three day weekend! WOOO! And since my BIG boss is currently on vacation, it's as if we're on a "vacation" of sorts as well. ;) Of course, I'm kidding... things are almost busier fielding all of his calls, problems, etc. but sometimes it does feel like a bit of a vacation when he's away. ;)

I'm off to wrap my gifts for my office people (Yes, I wait until the VERY last minute!!) :P Have a nice Friday, everyone!! Big *HUGS*
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