January 1st, 2007


I completely suck...

...I slept through the New Year. :P Mark & I got back from the in-law's house a bit early because we knew, with the still air and no-wind weather that we've been having, all the smoke from the fireworks would be SOOO bad that we wouldn't even be able to see enough to get home. (One year it took my co-worker's husband 2 1/2 hours to get home because he had to literally open his car door and inch his way down the street and yell, "Anybody there?" so he didn't hit anyone - the smoke was THAT bad!) :P

So we got home early enough, locked ourselves inside the house and closed all our windows (the smoke - especially in our area - is RIDICULOUS on new years eve) :P and sat around talking and watching TV. For some unknown reason, at about 11:30, I went upstairs to get my i-Pod and began to get emmersed in an episode of "Queer as Folk" that Mark had recently added to my i-Pod... the next thing I knew, I was peeling the i-Pod off my forehead and peering at the clock... it was 12:30am... Clearly I suck because I totally missed the whole ball dropping in Times Square thing - and even if it's delayed for us and the rest of the world is already probably alseep by the time we see it, we usually don't miss watching it every year. :P *SIGH* Must be my old age... :P

In any case, today Mark & I are heading out to do a bit of shopping - Mark got a lovely Christmas bonus at work and is in the market for a new PDA. :) Then it's off to my Mom's to celebrate the New Year with wonderful food from California Pizza Kitchen. :)

Hope you've all had a safe and wonderful New Year!! Big *HUGS* and much love to everyone!!
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