January 7th, 2007

Sydney & Sheri

Oh my gosh...

...I am SOOOO bad at trying to keep up with LJ! I'm having such issues trying to keep up with my own life these days, that I've been absolutely horrendous at keeping up with all of yours. :( Tonight I'm going to try to go back and catch up on all of your entries - my apologies for having been a horrible LJ friend recently! :(

Work has been ridiculous - since my BIG boss has come back from vacation this week, he's been refreshed and energized and has promised to put MORE of his energy and much more intensity into his job this coming year... For those of you who don't know him, I really don't see how that's possible. He has to be THE MOST intense man I've ever met... :P

Thankfully, this Wednesday night, Mark & I leave for a much needed vacation to LA. :) We're really going there for a wedding, but we thought we'd try to squeeze as much theatre in as we possibly can while we're there. :)

Speaking of vacations, I revised our theatre schedule for our February trip. :)

Thursday, Feb 15th: Kevin & Bets' concert at the Carpenter's Center
Friday, Feb 16th: Possibly Phantom at Fullerton Civic Light Opera
Saturday, Feb 17th (mat): Possibly Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? at the Ahmanson
Saturday, Feb 17th (eve): The Beastly Bombing at Steve Allen Theatre
Sunday, Feb 18th (1pm): Altar Boyz at the Wadsworth
Sunday, Feb 18th (4pm): Kimberly Akimbo at Victory Theatre in Burbank (I LOVE David Lindsay-Abaire!!)
Sunday, Feb 18th (7pm): Possibly Stage Struck at the Colony Theatre in Burbank

I'd read somewhere that Altar Boyz is 90 minutes without intermission - so we should be able to make it to the Victory theatre in time to see Kimberly Akimbo and the Colony is something like 8 minutes away so we should be able to make a 7pm curtain there... My favorite trips are when I can squeeze AS MUCH theatre in as possible. :)

In non-theatre news, Sydney's been licking at her right paw recently - so much that the fur is starting to fall off and the area is getting red and raw. :( Not really sure what we could do about it, we wrapped it in a small bandage hoping that she'll leave the area alone long enough for it to heal. It's been working, but Sydney's been extremely upset with us. :P She walks around the house constantly shaking her paw, trying to get the bandage off. :P I'm calling tomorrow morning to make a vet appointment for her next weekend.

Well, I'm off to try to catch up with all of your entries. Again, I apologize for not being around for the past week... I thank everyone for putting up with me!! Hope you've all been well!
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