January 13th, 2007


Driving to Fresno this morning...

...we're up early this morning to head to Fresno for queenstacey_25's wedding! :) It's supposed to only be a 3 1/2 hour drive from Burbank, but due to possible traffic and inclimate weather we didn't want to take any chances. It should be wonderful since I'll be meeting Stacey for the very first time (after knowing her for about 5 years on LJ - she was one of my very first LJ friends!!) and I'll be able to see careleswhisper and rripley there as well. :) I'm SOOO excited!!

Last night Mark & I drove down to La Mirada to see the opening night of Camelot. Though the talent in the cast was incredible - Eric Anderson as Merlin, Rachel York, and James Barbour to name a few... there were a few sound problems last night that were so bad that it really hampered my enjoyment of the show. There were also several technical problems, screens falling a little too late, scenery still moving into place when the scene begins, etc... Michael York was a fine and vulnerable King Arthur, but the difference in his singing abilities with say... Jim Barbour's was VERY noticable and really distracting at times. Hopefully the show runs a little tighter as time goes on - because the one thing that the show didn't lack was an extremely talented cast! All in all it was an okay production, but I'm not too sure if I'd recommend it whole-heartedly.

We have two shows left on our theatre weekend - The Marvelous Wonderettes when we return to Bubank on Sunday after the wedding and then Defiance at Pasadena Playhouse. Then it's back home to face the reality of work and the whole "house" situation... I think this weekend is really good for us, Mark has been able to relax, forget about the robbery stuff, and really have a good time. :) Of course, we miss the fuzzy one terribly so we'll be happy to see her on Monday. :) Hope you all have a lovely Saturday - HUGS to you all!! :)
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