January 14th, 2007

Mark & Sheri 1999

A beautiful wedding and seeing wonderful friends! :)

Last night Mark & I went to queenstacey_25's wedding. It was beautiful... everything from the heartfelt ceremony, to the beautiful reception room, to the tearful speech her father made. Just lovely... and she looked absolutely radiant! I always love going to weddings, and it was so special to be there to see Stacey's special day. :)

It was also SOOOO great to spend time with careleswhisper and rripley! I haven't seen the both of them since June or so of last year and I've missed them so much!! Carrie and I promised to try to plan another show outing the next time I'm in town - since 6 months is WAAAAY too long between visits. They were also extremely sweet and got me the cutest coffee cup for my birthday (which is hilarious and reads "Dog Hair: Don't Leave Home Without It" :D) and a terrific scented candle! :) They're too sweet - thanks SO MUCH, "you guys"! ;D

We took a bunch of pictures last night, unfortunately, I can't upload any of them until I get home and actually install Photoshop on my computer, so sadly, they'll have wait... :(

Mark & I were also marveling at all the GREAT eating places here in Fresno!! For brunch yesterday, we went to Sweet Tomatoes (which I believe is owned by the same owners of Souplantation.) Not only did they have a wonderful salad bar, but they had vegetarian soup selections, too!! I think it's become my new favorite eating place!! Too bad there isn't a location in Hawaii - or even close to Burbank where we normally stay on our trips! :( We also spotted a Sonic, a Baker's Square, and many other places that we would've LOVED to have tried if we were here for just a bit longer... :( I even saw a Whole Foods store here... :( *SIGH* I think I live in the wrong state! :(

This morning we're making the long drive back to Burbank and then seeing two shows - The Marvelous Wonderettes and Defiance - then we head home on Monday... Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!! Big *HUGS* to you all!!
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