January 19th, 2007

Kevin facial hair :)

Coming home to some great news & photos of my trip!

Just got confirmation from Kevin that he has been cast in "Sleeping Beauty Wakes" at the Kirk Douglas Theatre this spring!! It's a joint production with Center Theatre Group and Deaf West Theatre - and like "Big River" will incorporate hearing as well as deaf actors. It's being directed by Jeff Calhoun - who also directed "Big River" a few years ago. I'm very excited and have already made plans to fly out to LA to see it in late April (I'll be there from April 26th - 30th) My question to all of you is - anyone interested in seeing this show with me that weekend? :)

I've also been spending time installing programs on my new laptop (which is sadly why I haven't been around since I've been home) and the good news is that since I've installed Photoshop, I'm able to FINALLY post some pictures of my weekend. :) If you're interested, they're under the cut - but I warn you, there are some pretty silly food pictures as well - what's a vacation with silly food pictures? ;)

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Sorry, no pictures at the Wonderettes... Sometimes it feels a little too "fangirl" to pull out my camera and start asking for photos - especially when they were all being such great friends... Next time I'll be sure to get some. :)

Aside from the theatre stuff, work has been VERY busy since my return - yesterday I woke up early to fly out to Kauai with my BIG boss to do a branch manager meeting and last night I attended a dinner with one of my reps and a wholesaler at the Honolulu Country Club which lasted until about 9pm... so it was a VERY LOOOONG day... :P

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! Big *HUGS* to you all!!
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