January 23rd, 2007

Doug & Sheri

Stolen from Ilene, Rita, and Andrea (and many more...)

Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon.

It's funny, because this is my favorite, but I hardly ever use it and oddly enough, it's my default icon. :) So unless you've ever been to my journal specifically (and not just viewing it on your friends' page) chances are you've never seen it... unless you're one of my VERY first LJ friends when I had only something like 2 icons ;)
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David & Keith #6

I'm supposed to wake up in four hours...

... to make it to the airport at 4am for a flight to Kona for work. :P The fact that I'm still up reading David / Keith Six Feet Under fan fiction is VERY disturbing... :P I'm just hoping that I don't fall asleep in the branch managers meeting tomorrow... :P

As a small trip update, I finally purchased our tickets for The Beastly Bombing for the 17th (I wanted to make sure that Heather was going to be in before buying our tickets and she just told me she would be) :) and bought our tickets for The Marvelous Wonderettes for the matinee on the 17th - after all, what's an LA trip without seeing those marvelous wonderettes??!! :) All I need to do is buy our Stage Struck tickets and we'll be set. :)

As far as my April theatre trip is concerned, it looks like I'll be seeing Sleeping Beauty Wakes several times with many great friends - which couldn't make me happier! :) In addition, I'm thinking about getting tickets for Beehive at VMT (to see the talented Kathleen Hennessey onstage again) and possibly either Hamlet at the Rubicon (to see the hottness that is Joseph Fuqua...) :) or possibly Thousandth Night at the Colony Theatre... we'll have to see. Thankfully there's still some time to decide for that trip. :)

In any case, I'm off to look for more David and Keith icons... try to actually get some sleep. Hope you're all having a lovely week!! BTW, the lovely D/K icon I'm using was made by rangergirl... It's just SOOOO.... *SIGH*
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