January 30th, 2007

Doug & Sheri

Did I mention I have THE BEST LJ friends around??

THANK YOU all SOOOO much for all of your warm birthday wishes today, your lovely e-cards, and your messages on MySpace!! I was so touched to receive them all and it just confirms my earlier notion that I have the ABSOLUTE best friends around!!! Big *HUGS* and much love to all of you!! :)

My incredible hubby is taking me to P.F. Chang's tonight for some veggie chow fun and stir fried eggplant. :) He was also sweet enough to get me the first season of Six Feet Under on DVD!!!!!! :) I was SOOO excited when I saw it on the dining room table when I got home last night - and I know that I'll be in David and Keith heaven for the next few weeks!! What a perfect gift!! :D

Thanks SO MUCH again for all of your sweet messages!! I have to get ready and run to a division manager's meeting this morning, but I just couldn't leave without letting you all know how special you've made my day. :) Love you all!! :)
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