February 5th, 2007

Doug & Sheri

My aunt...

...that I had spoken about in a previous post has lymphoma. :( If anyone is able to spare some good wishes for her, it would be greatly appreciated...

On a MUCH less serious, but still sucky note, I burst a blood vessel in my right eye last night. :P I scratched the surface of my eye trying to get at an eyelash and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified to see the whites of my eye completely welling up with blood. :( The bleeding was on the inside of my eye, and so my eye looks amazingly scary... In fact, I freaked out everyone at work who saw me. Thankfully aside from some pain and an awful headache from all the pressure (from all the blood that collected inside), I'm fine. It does look REALLY frightening, though...

This weekend I finished watching the entire first season of Six Feet Under... :) I just LOVE the show - not only is it touching and hilarious, but it's heartbreaking as well. At first I thought it was going to be morbid and strange being set in a mortuary, but it's really a beautiful story about a family who has been SO repressed for so many years - who are all finally learning to live life to its fullest. I thought it would be about death, but really it's about life and the difference between just being alive and REALLY living... And I LOVE David and Keith's friendship, and their love story... After watching them for a season, I wonder what it was about "Queer as Folk" that I thought was so realistic. I love David's inner conflict and his own inner homophobia and hate for himself... I love that Keith and David are Christians and how the teachings of the church impact the way they feel about themselves... SUCH wonderful stuff... I'm SOOO ready for Season 2. :)

On a theatre note, I've made arrangements to fly to LA during Memorial Day weekend - hopefully to see some great shows. As far as I know, the only thing I really want to see is "Jersey Boys" at the Ahmanson... I'm hoping there will be other shows that pop up for that weekend... I just couldn't pass up such a great airfare and the fact that I wouldn't need to take ANY days of vacation! :) If anyone knows of anything great playing around that time, please let me know! :)

Well, I'm off to examine my freakish eye and decide if it's scary enough to scare away all the branch managers at my meeting tomorrow. :P Then I'm off to hunt down some great David/Keith fan fiction (yes, what can I say, I'm addicted!) ;) Hope you're all having a nice week! :)
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