February 12th, 2007

Kevin as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel"

I'm so sorry that I haven't been around in a while...

...last week was amazingly busy at work. We're all gearing up for our big annual referral contest (Race to Retirement) and we've been spending the last couple of weeks traveling from branch to branch to kick it off. I think I've caught up on all of your posts that I missed, and I completely apologize for being so bad about posting and commenting lately...

Mark & I got to see "Lend Me A Tenor" at Diamond Head Theatre on Thursday night - which was surprisingly funny (for a really slapstick sort of play.) The show was pretty enjoyable and the slapstick was pretty understated, which I enjoyed. :)

Speaking of theatre, Mark & I are off to LA again this week. :) We leave on Wednesday night and arrive in LA on Thursday, just in time to catch Kevin and Bets in concert in Long Beach. :) It should be a really nice trip for us and a REALLY nice break for me from all the stress of work. :)

I've also tentatively scheduled my April theatre trip:

Thursday, April 26th (eve): Possibly Hamlet at the Rubicon, we'll see...
Friday, April 27th (eve): Sleeping Beauty Wakes at the Kirk Douglas with Lily :)
Saturday, April 28th (mat): Possibly Sleeping Beauty Wakes with Carrie, Roger, and maybe Laura?? :) (I'm not sure... we really haven't set a date yet...) Maybe that evening??
Saturday, April 28th (eve): Possibly Altar Boyz at Musical Theatre West
Sunday, April 29th (mat): Sleeping Beauty Wakes with Linda! :)
Sunday, April 29th (eve): Beehive at the El Portal

In other news, I finished the second season of Six Feet Under this past weekend... I'm entirely addicted to the show - the writing is simply brilliant and the acting is just beyond words!! Michael C. Hall has THE GREATEST body language - and I'm SUCH a fan of actors with great body language...

Kevin is one of those actors... I remember seeing him as Billy Bigelow in "Carousel" and there's this scene where he nervously shifts his weight from foot to foot while talking with Jigger - apparently uneasy about the impending crime they're about to commit. He does it absent-mindedly and when Jigger points it out, he stops, only to clutch at his chest because his "heart can't stop jumping around under the knife." His characterization was beautiful and in these few minutes, he literally turns into a scared little boy in front of our eyes. It was absolutely brilliant. Michael is the same way... In one episode we see him shaking his foot nervously as he receives a call he knows is Keith and then sitting up and hugging his legs close to his body as he's speaking with him almost as if to shield himself from being hurt by Keith again... SOOO beautiful...

Anyway... Enough talk about Kevin and Michael C. Hall (since I could probably talk about both all day long...) I should probably run and get ready for work. :) Hope you all have a lovely week!! :)
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