February 17th, 2007


Seeing 13 again and eating at Sonic for the first time...

Yesterday we drove out to the Fullerton area in search of Sonic Drive Inn. Mark and I had always seen the commercials and had always wanted to go because the food looked so good on TV. We'd never actually been there before since there isn't one in Hawaii and it's usually out of our way when we're in LA. :P Sadly, we were a little disappointed... aside from the real fruit slushes (I had the strawberry one which was delicious), their other food was just average... I don't know, maybe we were eating the wrong things... There really wasn't a whole lot on the menu that I could eat anyway and though Mark enjoyed his burger, his fries were cold and stale and my tater tots w/cheese were just average at best... Those of you who have been to Sonic before - was our bad experience out of the ordinary?

We spent A LOT of time yesterday in traffic driving to the Burbank area... I swear, each time I visit LA the traffic seems to get worse and worse. It was so bad, in fact, that we were almost late for the 8pm showing of 13 at the Mark Taper Forum... :( Luckily we made it just in time even if we were literally running through the parking structure trying to make it into the theatre before the curtain. :P

Minutes before the show began, I noticed that sitting just in front us was Kathleen Marshall (who directed "Wonderful Town" and "Pajama Game" but is probably more known as being one of the three judges on the "Grease: You're the One That I Want" reality show...) We also saw Jason Robert Brown in the audience - who actually came up to speak with Ms. Marshall before the show began.

The show was just as wonderful as it was the first time we'd seen it. We are still SOOO amazed at the talent of the actors on stage (the entire cast and orchestra are between the ages of 12-16). The show is just so heartfelt and funny that it's almost impossible not to completely love it! I'm SO glad that we got the opportunity to see it a second time!!

Today we're stopping by Ronn's parking lot sale/fundraiser for Valley Musical Theatre in the afternoon (I want to support them as much as I possibly can!!) and then we're seeing the matinee of The Marvelous Wonderettes because no LA trip is complete without seeing those wonderettes!! :D Then later tonight we're heading to the Steve Allen Theatre to see Heather in The Beastly Bombing. It should be another fabulous day of great theatre! :) Hope you're all having a nice weekend!! Big *HUGS* to you!!
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