February 21st, 2007

Doug & Sheri

UGH... the total reality of being home sets in... :P

So we've made it home safely... and I actually made it through my first day back at work yesterday without going completely insane... I had a morning meeting with my BIG boss in which every other phrase was - "you weren't here." :P ("I did a lot while you weren't here," "A lot of things happened while you weren't here," "I wanted to hire that person I interviewed last week, but couldn't because you weren't here...") :P Blah...

I've been walking around in a general state of blah lately, in part due to the horrible things I ate during my time in LA... Because our days were so packed with theatre, Mark & I rarely had the time to search for healthy food and ended up picking up a lot of fast food on our way back to the hotel after seeing shows. Fast food is SOOO evil!! And because I couldn't eat anything on the menu, I ended up eating fries, fried mozarella sticks, etc... SOOO much fried food that by the end of the trip, I was really beginning to feel ill. :P

So I'm back to eating granola, Robeks, and salads - but I was shocked to find that I actually gained 5 pounds on the trip :(, not to mention breaking out in zits because of all that oil that I ate... I feel disgusting... Another blah...

On a happier note, Bets told me, while I was at the concert on Thursday, that she and Kevin will be singing at the Calphil together in July!! :D I can't wait!! :) I always love going to the Calphil concert every year and this year will be extra special because Kevin AND Bets will be there. :D

Mark & I also booked a flight to Hilo for two weeks from now. It's my grandmother's 94th birthday and each year the family has a nice dinner on the Big Island for her. Mark & I have gone up for it before, but have missed it for the past couple of years. We've decided to go this year because a lot of my family is getting older, some aren't doing so well, and I'd love to see them all, before it's too late. I've come to realize that I really need to appreciate the fact that they're in my life while I can.

Lastly, I finished season 3 of Six Feet Under on the plane ride home the other day and I can't say enough how much I love the show... The last episode in which David and Keith have their heart to heart talk outside of church where Keith tells David he thinks he's beautiful and to not give up on their relationship seriously had me in tears. This show is incredible, the writing is amazing, and Michael C. Hall and Mathew St. Patrick are INCREDIBLY talented actors. As afraid as I am of season 4 (and seeing David's whole car-jacking incident) I'm SOOO ready to see more.

I'm off to get ready for work (and to hear "you weren't here" another hundred times, no doubt...) Blah... Hope you all have a nice Wednesday. HUGS!
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