March 1st, 2007

Sydney is...

A small Sydney update

I'm so sorry that I haven't responded to your comments in my last post, but I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all the kind and warm thoughts you've been sending us for Sydney. I honestly couldn't bring myself to come back here to respond to them... not too sure if I'm in denial or if it's just a case of avoidance, but I haven't been by LJ since writing the darn entry - as if somehow reading the responses or talking about it makes it more "real."

In any case, please know that Mark & I are SOOOO thankful for wonderful, supportive friends like all of you and for all of your good thoughts, prayers, and support through all of this.

As an update, Sydney's doing about the same... She still will not eat her regular food and is showing signs of further yellowing (her gums, and the whites of her eyes) which only lends credence to the liver disease diagnosis from before. What's causing her liver condition could be anything from an infection to liver cancer - and unfortunately there's no real way to know without further testing... We're trying a bunch of medication to see if that'll help and have an appointment to go back to see the vet in a week.

Speaking of vets, we've done a drastic thing and changed Sydney's vet mid-way through all of this - which may have just been an impulse reaction to all the negativity that we've gotten in the past (when Sydney was sick 4 years ago). Our old vet was a nice woman, but had to be THE MOST depressing person on the face of the earth! :( I appreciate being informed of what could happen, but our old vet kept scaring us with awful scenarios in which Sydney was doomed to meet an awful demise. So... we changed our vet and even though the news may not be better from our new vet, at least most of the unnecessary negativity is gone.

The oddest thing is still that Sydney doesn't act any different... she still plays with her toys, barks at the neighbors, etc... while that should make me happy, in some ways that scares me even more. At first I thought it might be the same thing she had 4 years ago - and if it was, at least we know that it could be cured... But because she isn't acting the same, what if this is just the early stages of something much worse?

I don't even want to think about it...

Thank you all SO MUCH for putting up with all of my depressing entries recently... and for understanding what Sydney means to us... Really, it means so much more to me than I could ever express in words. Big HUGS to you all.
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