March 4th, 2007


Celebrating my Grandmother's 94th Birthday on the Big Island :)

My Grandmother is amazing! At 94 years old she's still spry enough to sit down and stand up off the floor a couple dozen times a day, rush around her house, cook amazing meals and make THE BEST sushi ever! She's always been so strong and healthy for her age that we've always said that she'll probably out-live us all.

Mark & I spent all of yesterday on the Big Island with my Mom and all the aunties and uncles from her side of the family to celebrate her big 94th birthday. With Sydney being ill, we contemplated NOT going this year, but after talking a bit and seeing that Sydney was still acting like her normal self we decided it would be okay to leave her in the care of the in-laws for one night.

I'm really glad that we ended up going, though because in addition to getting the chance to see my Grandmother, we also got to see my Aunt (who I'd spoken about in an earlier post) who is suffering from Lymphoma. Slowly I'm beginning to realize that all of my relatives are getting older and some of them are not in the best health... It was SO nice to get the chance to see them, since I don't get to see them too often - and I appreciated the little time that I got to spend with them all. My Grandma spent a lot of time teasing us telling us that we brought the rain, and said that it all made sense now and she'd wondered why my Mom made so many vegetables (no one told her we were coming - my Mom wanted it to be a surprise.) :)

Speaking of which, every Hilo trip comes with A LOT of eating!! :P Mark & I spent WAAAAY too much time eating on Saturday and we must've consumed at least 5,000 calories all day long! :P We ate breakfast at Ken's House of Pancakes (where they had the most delicious veggie eggs benedict!!), then we went over and spent time shopping at "Island Naturals" which (like our Down to Earth) is a health food store with natural and organic products - I wish we had a store like that in Honolulu!! For lunch we went to a little place called "1 Plus 1 Cafe" where they have the best veggie Chinese food -- it was all SOOO yummy, but I think I must've gained another three pounds... :P

Of course, no Big Island visit is complete without a trip to Two Ladies Kitchen for some incredible mochi! :) Since it was Girls' Day, they were EXTREMELY busy filling call in orders so I could only order one strawberry mochi (which is made with an entire strawberry!) it's seriously one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. And then we went to Big Island Candies for their famous chocolate dipped shortbread cookies.... SOOOO much food and so many calories, but SOOO delicious....

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We got home early this morning and picked up our fuzzy from the in-laws... she looks the same, still very alert and playful... I just can't understand how her blood work could show that she's so sick. :( We're taking her back to the vet this week Friday so we'll see if there's any change at that time - we're hoping the medication is helping and her playfulness is a good sign.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend! Sorry I haven't been around - the hotel we were staying at didn't have a wireless connection so I haven't been able to check email for an entire day (which is almost unheard of for a compulsive email checker like myself!) ;) I'm off to spend some time with my fuzzy baby and catch up with all of your entries. :)
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