March 7th, 2007

Sydney & Sheri

A Sydney update and my darn back...

First the Sydney update... it's getting much more confusing for me - while at once it seems as though Sydney is getting more yellow in the whites of her eyes and her gums, it also appears that her energy and appetite has increased... In fact, this evening she even started munching on some of her regular dog food that we left out for her IN ADDITION to eating her chicken and rice. :) She's also very active and alert and keeps bringing us her toys so we'll play with her. I really don't want to get my hopes up, but that seems like a pretty good sign to me. We have to take her in to the vet on Friday and they'll run more tests at that time to see if the medication they gave her is working. If you could, please continue to keep our fuzzy baby in your thoughts.

Speaking of Sydney, I was looking around through some older photos and decided to upload a couple of my favorite ones of Sydney that I've never posted before. As most of you know, Sydney is extremely camera shy, but every once in a while I manage to catch her off-guard. ;) So in honor of her good day, I thought I'd share some of the silly ones as well...

Collapse )

In other non-Sydney news, I went to the doctor today for my back - I'd been having sharp pains in my lower back for days whenever I would stand from a sitting position or whenever I would straighten from a hunched over position... This morning the pain got so bad that I could barely make it out of bed. The doctor gave me some medication and told me that it was probably a slipped disc. :P Everyone at work asked me how I got it and I'm really not too sure, I wish I could blame it on the stress of work, but sadly, I think this time it's totally unrelated... ;P

Hope you're all having a nice week! I'm off to spend time with my hubby and fuzzy baby. :) HUGS!
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