March 13th, 2007

Sydney - happy

Thank you SOOOO much to everyone...

...who has been thinking good thoughts for our fuzzy baby!! The vet just called us and the news is good - Sydney's blood test shows that she's improved drastically since the last set of results!! In fact, our new vet said that we should cancel our appointment for the ultrasound on the 15th because she didn't think it was necessary AND she called Sydney our "miracle doggie." :) Mark & I are SOOOO thankful and wanted to express our appreciation to everyone for all the good thoughts, prayers and support you've given us over the last few weeks. We love you all!! :)

Sydney has been eating much better recently and though she still won't eat her normal food, she does devour the chicken and rice we cook for her. Mark & I are beginning to think that she's just gotten spoiled and will never go back to her dry food again. ;) She's also gaining a little bit of her weight back so the fact that she tries to jump into my arms whenever we walk up the stairs is getting increasingly difficult for me to actually pick her up - not that I'm complaining at all! :D

We are just SOOO thankful and feel like we've been given another chance (this is our third now) with her. She's simply an AMAZING dog!

And to add to the merriment of today, I received THE BEST news from a friend via email and I couldn't be happier.
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