March 18th, 2007

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I'm not sure what's wrong with this year...

...I'm usually one who always tries to look at the good side of things, in all situations... but this year is not even a quarter of the way through and already it's been an awful one...

From early January when our house was robbed, to my aunt being diagnosed with Lymphoma, to Sydney's really bad liver ailment,... to NOW...

Apparently, my 94 year old (strong as an ox) Grandma was sent to the emergency room yesterday for gall stones. :( What seems to have been only a minor problem has turned quite serious though since, at her age, they don't want to operate and her blood pressure is getting extremely low and she's getting very weak. :(

I just don't understand it, we just saw her about two weeks ago and she was fine... THANK GOODNESS Mark & I decided to make the trip to see her for her 94th birthday - if something happened to her and we DIDN'T get the chance to see her, I would feel horrible! :( My uncle has already flown up to be with her and my Mom is following later this week.

To add to the sadness of yesterday, Mark & I attended the funeral service of my co-worker's one year old son... It was one of the saddest things... My heart totally went out to him and his wife. They're both SO young and to have to suffer a loss THAT awful... I can't even imagine it.

I'm sorry my posts have been so depressing lately... I've always been a rather upbeat person and I think I was blessed with a lot of good fortune in my life, but recently I'm not sure why my family and friends have been drenched with such sadness. Please, if you can spare some good thoughts for my co-worker and his wife (and my Grandma) I'd really, REALLY appreciate it.
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