March 25th, 2007

David & Keith #6

First of all, I wanted to thank you all...

...for your helpful comments and suggestions in my last post. I've modified the pages a little and have sent the links off... We'll see what happens. :)

I know that I haven't been speaking about my Grandmother a lot lately, but there really hasn't been a whole lot of news on that front (and no news is good news, right?) Sadly she's still in a lot of pain and they're trying to convince her to do the surgery, but she doesn't want to do it... She thinks because she's 94 she doesn't need it - everyone has tried to talk her into it, but she's a stubborn woman... My Mom is going to be up there this week spending time with her and I know she'll try to talk her into it. I should know more as the week progresses. If you can, please continue to think good thoughts for her.

On a completely separate note, I got my Mom addicted to "Six Feet Under"!! The best part is that she's fallen in love with the David and Keith storyline!! :) I finished watching Season 5 quite a while ago and I have to say... I cried through the entire last three episodes. What an amazing show!! I'm SO sad that it's over! :(

Some theatre related things I loved about the show:
  • David singing "Blow Gabriel, Blow" from Anything Goes in the episode entitled "The Silence" in which David and Keith sneak into Durrell's play.
  • Jason Graae makes a guest appearance as the LA Gay Men's Chorus director in season 3.
  • Amy Spanger (then wife of Michael C. Hall) appeared in the episode entitled "Static" as the sister of a war veteran who took his own life.
  • Harriet Harris guest starred as the battered wife of a boating accident victim in an episode in season 2.
  • David's obituary on the HBO site says that he went on to perform in dozens of local theater productions, including Weill and Brecht's "Threepenny Opera," Rossini's "The Barber of Seville," and as Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." :)
I really, really need to find a new TV series to watch... does anyone have any suggestions?

Tried watching "Brothers & Sisters" because I love Ken Olin's directing and I thought any show with Rachel Griffiths in it had to be good... But I saw the first episode and all the characters were so "pretty and perfect" and I just couldn't get into it... Does anyone watch the show? I only saw one episode, but it didn't grab me enough to want to see more.

If I didn't have such a thing about violence, I'd probably want to try watching "Dexter" - if only to gaze at Michael C. Hall some more... But Mark watches it and warned me that it's pretty gruesome and disturbing, so I think, at least for now, I should stay away.

Anyway, I should run and try to get more work done... Hope you've all had a nice weekend. And thanks SO MUCH again for all your comments and suggestions on my last post. HUGS to everyone!! :)
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