April 7th, 2007

Ray...!, Ray

First of all, I want to thank you all...

...for all your wonderful, warm, and supportive comments in my last post. Mark & I have been VERY upset in the last few days wondering just what it was that we've done that was SO awful that we would have to go through this a second time... :P

We looked around an examined the house a little more closely and found that they had taken a lot more than we'd first realized... another camera of mine (with another memory stick - UGH all the Thoroughly Modern Millie photos of closing weekend and my photos with Nick...) :( my mini-disc player (WITH a disc inside... we won't go there...) an older video camera,... a lot more, but I'd get too angry if I listed everything.

This morning we got a quote from an alarm company -- little less than a $1,000 - which is about what we expected. Also we're looking into the way our sliding door was constructed... From the comments in my last post, it was revealed that my door was constructed wrong - it slides outward - which prevents us from putting in a stick in the track inside to prevent the door being opened... I think it was a mistake by the developers of the house and I think our house is the only one constructed that way... I want to talk to my association about it...

On a completely different note, work has been incredibly tough lately. I've had to deliver more bad news to people than I care to think about. :( For the most part I love management because it's a great way to help people and I love working with ALL my reps, but it really stinks when I have to deliver bad news to the people I've grown to really care about. And I realize that this affects their lives - that's the one part of management that I absolutely CANNOT stand.

Finally, I stole this from the_osiris because my entries have been altogether too depressing lately and I know you all need some levity... as do I. :)

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So there you have my list... most of the people on it are probably not what everyone would consider "attractive" - since I seem to have a somewhat unorthodox view of what makes a man sexy. The classically handsome men like Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, etc. are not the least bit attractive to me. For me there needs to be that intangible little something that endears me to the person - whether it's screen presence, or talent, or great political views. A pretty face does nothing to impress me... but that's just me.

Just noticed: three out of the five men starred in musicals on Broadway, four out of the five men played a gay character either in a major motion picture or in a cable TV show. Coincidence? Perhaps not... :)
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