April 29th, 2007

Bets - as Hildy in On The Town

Seeing wonderful friends and Altar Boyz at MTW! :)

Yesterday was such an incredible day for so many reasons, the best, of course being all the friends that I was able to see! :) It started off early, EARLY in the morning when I met cahwyguy, his family, and ellipticcurve for a nice breakfast at Weilers Deli. The deli was surprisingly only about 5 minutes away from my hotel and the food was rather tasty - I had a VERY good veggie omelete. :)

Sleeping Beauty Wakes -- again!!

After breakfast, I headed back out to the Culver City area to meet careleswhisper, karmastyx, rripley, and Wade to see another showing of Sleeping Beauty Wakes. :) It was SOOO nice to see them since it's been such a long time since we've done anything together!! I'd never met Wade before and it was really nice to finally meet him. :) Everyone looked fabulous and it was SO nice to see them all - we stood around talking and taking pictures for a while and I was so sad to leave, it always seems like there's never enough time to visit with them! :(

I was also very excited to see my friends, Corliss and Dianne at the show! :) I had no idea that they'd be there, but I was SO happy when I ran into them in the parking lot! :D One day I'd love to see a Kevin show WITH them so I can spend more time talking with them than just a brief "hi" and "goodbye" before and after the show!

The show, itself...

As if the day wasn't incredible enough seeing so many wonderful friends, the show was SO much stronger yesterday!! Seeing it a second time, from a different perspective in the theatre was certainly a treat. Loved Russell Harvard's performance SOOO much more yesterday. There's a scene where his character is dreaming a joint dream with the princess in which they're swimming in a moat - each time I see Russell in that scene it's more and more beautiful. I swear, he has to be one of THE MOST captivating actors I've ever seen on stage - and he's never spoken a word! Yesterday's performance totally did it... I'm completely smitten with his talent.

After the show... Warning: Fan girly rantings ahead... ;)

After the show, I spotted Russell rushing out of the theatre. He spotted me, waved, and smiled THE MOST adorable smile - which could, literally, light up a damn room! Man, that guy has charisma OOZING out of him... and I've seen wonderful photos of him (like this one on imdb), but as nice as they are, they can't come close to describing how charismatic this man is and how captivating he is in person. He was rushing off to get a haircut (Kevin explained), but he was nice enough to stop by to say hi, briefly and I finally got my fan girly photo with him. :D

Spoke with Kevin for quite a while after the show. :) He spoke about Julie's upcoming appearances in The Riches and Army Wives and spoke about House - the new thriller movie that she was filming in Poland during the Calphil concert last year. Apparently, House is being released in October - how exciting! :) It's always so lovely speaking with Kevin!

Other celebrities seen at the show

Lots of celebrity sightings at "Sleeping Beauty Wakes" -- what's that all about? ;) Yesterday, sitting directly in front of me in the show was none other than George Takei. I knew if Mark had been with me, he'd be totally excited about this because not only is he a Star Trek fan, but he's been really getting into watching "Heroes" lately too. :)

Altar Boyz

After leaving Culver City, I drove down to Long Beach to see a production of "Altar Boyz". This is such a cute show and having just recently seen the National Tour at the Wadsworth, it was really interesting to see Musical Theatre West's (who ALWAYS puts on great shows) interpretation of it. :)

The MTW cast was great!! Dan Pacheco was an incredible Abraham and gave the part so much warmth - it was clearly my favorite performance of the evening - his "I Believe" was one of my favorite parts of the show. Danny Calvert was a cute and adorable Mark and was really one of the comedic highlights. :)

What I loved about the MTW production was the creative touches that were added to the show. :) They had two screens behind the Boyz which projected "publicity photo" images of the group and... most effectively, played a mock music video for the song "The Calling" as they sang. It was SO hilarious and brought SO much more humor to the song - such a wonderful directing choice!

After the show...

As wonderful as the show was, one of the nicest parts of the evening was getting to see Bets and Steve there! I didn't have nearly enough time to speak with either, but just getting the opportunity to say hi and chat briefly with them was wonderful!!!

Usually I don't stage door a show like this... partially because when I don't really know anyone in the cast - I find it sort of uncomfortable to stand there and wait. The only time I really feel okay about waiting there is when I know someone in the show. And I'm not someone who feels the need to have to meet everyone in the cast, but this time I did really want to meet Dan Pacheco and introduce myself to him since I'd seen him SOOO many times in "I Love A Piano", but never met him back then.

I'm horrible, HORRIBLE at introducing myself to performers when I don't know them... I approach the ones I don't know VERY rarely - and I don't know if it's due to shyness or out of respect for not wanting to intrude on them when they're speaking with their friends. But I have to say, Dan was very nice and very gracious and I'm so glad I decided to go up and introduce myself. :)

By the time I got home from both shows, I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to check email... Yes, all this theatre traveling is SO good for my soul, but so bad for my sleep schedule. ;) I'm meeting lindasings for another performance of "Sleeping Beauty Wakes" today and then I see Kathleen in "Beehive" tonight! :D It should be another fabulous day! :) I have some pictures from yesterday, but since this entry has already turned into a small novel, I'll post them tomorrow. :) Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! :D HUGS!
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