May 23rd, 2007

Sydney - happy

Sydney's home!! :)

I left work a little early today to bring our little bundle of fuzzy joy home. :) She was so happy to be leaving that she practically ran out of the vet's office... No one watching her would've ever thought she was so sick only a few days ago.

Spoke with our vet a lot before leaving. She gave me a list of possible ailments that Sydney could be suffering from. The thing that I love about our new vet is that she's always so positive - even with bad news. She told me the best way to prevent another incident is to strictly control Sydney's diet, keep her on her meds, and to bring her in right away at the first sign of her being disoriented. But she concluded by saying that Sydney was an amazing dog and that she's a fighter... she pulled through so many times when no one thought she would - so what's to say that it won't happen the next time. I love my vet - I'm SOOO glad that Mark & I decided to switch vet offices. :)

Sydney rode home in the front seat of my car and as I was driving her home and scratching her ears, she fell asleep. It made me feel great because I knew that she felt safe there with me. :) When we got home, she perked up, went to all her favorite toys and wagged her tail like crazy... She was SOOO happy to be home and I was so happy to have her back! The house just wasn't the same without her around!

Aside from a very sore paw (where they had the tubes in her leg), she seems the same as before she had gotten ill. What made me really happy was when she barked at the neighbor - I usually scold her for barking, but today, I just had to smile. :)

I'd been contemplating whether to go on my next trip to LA this coming weekend because of all that's been going on with Sydney. Had Sydney come home and not been okay or had she still been in the hospital, there would be no question - I would've chosen automatically to stay home. I still haven't decided fully, but the fact that she's doing so well is very encouraging.

Thank you all so much again for all your supportive comments, HUGS, prayers, and good thoughts over the past 2 days. Mark & I are so thankful that we have such wonderfully supportive friends like all of you and we couldn't thank you enough. :) Big HUGS to all of you!!
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