May 24th, 2007

Sydney Dog

What a trooper!!

Sydney's doing extremely well - in addition to her constantly bringing us all her toys and eating all the food we set in front of her, she really has regained all of her "Sydney-ness." That, of course, includes things like barking loudly at the neighbors at inappropriate hours, demanding to be carried up the stairs, begging for table food, or trying to fight me for my pillow... :) Normally we take those things for granted, but we were just SOOO happy that she's back to normal that little things like that kept us smiling all evening. :)

The only thing was that when I woke up this morning, Sydney's left paw (the side that they had the feeding tubes in the hospital) seems rather swollen. :( There was a BIG difference between her left paw and her right paw and she was even starting to limp around a little.

I took off her bandage and the swelling slowly started going down... I wonder if the bandage was wound too tightly around her paw and it was cutting off circulation? :( The good news is that when I came home this evening, almost all the swelling had gone down and her limping stopped. It's still going to take some time for the fur to grow back where they shaved it, but at least her paw isn't bothering her.

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In other news, with Sydney already doing much better, I made a decision to go to LA this weekend... If Sydney was still not well or in the hospital, there would be no question - I'd stay home, but she seems to be back to her normal self - which we couldn't be happier about! :) Besides, Mark will be home (he won't be joining me this trip) and he'll give me a moment by moment report on the fuzzy dog while I'm gone...

Finally, with everything going on, I failed to mention that I started my classes at KCC this week. I hesitate to mention what kind of courses I'm taking just yet... I want to see how I do and how far I can progress before I reveal anything more about it. I do want to say that I'm loving the class and since it's ALWAYS something I've had a deep interest in, spending three hours after work in class learning about it is just wonderful - I can hardly wait for Tuesdays and Thursdays!! :)

I'm off to spend more time with my fuzzy baby. :D Big HUGS to you!!
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