June 7th, 2007

Sydney - couch

Poor Sydney...

...she's not doing well again. In fact, when Mark came home she was unresponsive and couldn't stand up. :( I don't understand it because just this morning she was totally fine. He rushed her to the vet while I was in class - I didn't find out about it until I called him when my class was over (that's what I get for turning off my phone!)... And the vet said that though they weren't sure, she probably suffers from an extreme case of Vertigo.

*SIGH* Poor dog! She's been through SO much lately! :(

They gave her a sedative (because she was doing a lot of freaking out earlier) and she's resting comfortably at the foot of the bed... It just breaks my heart to see her so - lifeless like that. :( They prescribed some medication for her (she has to take SO many pills!) and they don't think it's related to her liver condition at all... And they said hopefully the vertigo will go away in a few days, but because they aren't sure what caused it, they can't be sure that it won't get worse.

When I saw her she was looking up at the ceiling, craning her neck in weird contorting positions, in a HUGE and complete daze - not even able to focus her eyes on me. :( Quite frankly, it really freaked me out... :( She can't even sit up correctly... :(

I know that we've probably asked for more than our share of prayers for Sydney, but if I could impose one more time... She's just been through SO much lately... any prayers or good thoughts for her would be greatly appreciated...

And THANKS SO MUCH to everyone who responded to my last career change post below. With everything going on with Sydney, I'm SO sorry I haven't been able to adequately thank all of you for your wonderful support. I will try to reply to the comments soon. Big HUGS and much love to all of you!!
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