June 10th, 2007

Due South - Partnership

Just like every year...

...I'm trying to do my best to avoid message boards and posts that involve news about the Tonys. Not that I've really been keeping up with the shows on Broadway this year... But watching the Tonys (in my late time zone) and trying NOT to get spoilers off the internet has sort of become my tradition.

This afternoon was spent watching Sydney to make sure that she didn't bump her head on anything in her attempt to sit up. She's getting a little better about sitting up, and will actually be able to hold herself up for a little longer than 12 seconds. Mark & I are realizing that this recovery process will be a long and drawn out one... *SIGH* Poor dog! :( I have to say one thing, though - she certainly is a fighter!

I also did several loads of laundry (how thrilling!) and got caught up reading all the latest and greatest due SOUTH slash. :) I'm not sure what it is about Fraser and RayK that make them SOOO hot as a couple, but I think it has something to do with the fact that Fraser is SO repressed and Ray wears his heart on his sleeve and both are so incredibly lonely - somehow that makes for wonderful slash, if you ask me. I LOVE them together!! And what constantly amazes me is that almost 10 years after the series ended, there are still people who actively write due SOUTH slash - that's gotta say something, right?

I just finished reading two of my favorite fics ever - "True North" by Crysothemis and "Finding the Words" by Berty. Originally, I provided links to the stories, but due to their *ahem* somewhat NC-17 contents *blush*, I've decided against it and have revised this post. Both are lovely though and I think what I REALLY love about both is that they remain so true to the characters and each action, thought, and spoken word is truly, truly believable. If you're interested in obtaining the links, please let me know and I'll email them to you - posting them on a public blog, though may not be the best idea.

On another note, tomorrow is a state holiday (I think it's Kuhio Day Kamehameha Day - thanks kananigirl!!... I can NEVER get it straight!) and Mark is off so it's a good thing and he can look after Sydney while I'm at work. I'm hoping that tomorrow Sydney will be able to at least sit up for a while... the poor thing - last night I kept hearing thumps beside the bed where she was sleeping - and when I checked it was Sydney attempting to hold her head up and then falling down again. :( Sooo sad! :(

Hope you've all a nice weekend and for those who live in Hawaii and have tomorrow off - enjoy! :) Thanks so much again for the continued good thoughts for Sydney - we really do appreciate it! HUGS to all!
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