June 19th, 2007

Sydney *SIGH*

Our vet appointment is on Wednesday...

Unfortunately they can't take us any sooner than that. :( I've been trying to be really upbeat about the whole Sydney situation the past couple of days - trying to notice the ways that she has improved and trying to be optimistic about the causes for this, but it's hard...

The other day I was driving home and I saw some neighbors walking their dogs and I almost burst into tears... I know, I'm a mess...

Another situation that we're dealing with right now is what to do with Sydney when we leave in two weeks for LA... Boarding won't take her in her condition and we can't afford to keep her in the hospital (for just the three days last month it cost us about $1,000...) We usually have the in-laws watch her, but because we have to force feed her and she needs to take her pills (the in-laws won't give her the medication) we are almost left with no options.

If this trip wasn't for a wedding of a VERY very good friend, we might cancel it, but we wouldn't miss this wedding for anything... I've spoken with my Mom about watching her and she's thinking about it. She has a dog so giving Sydney pills is not an issue - the only issue may be the feeding... Please help me think good thoughts that Sydney will be well enough by the time we leave to eat on her own.

I apologize for being so down lately... Usually I'm much more upbeat than this, but dammit if this hasn't been just a really bad year... :P I thank everyone for putting up with my depressing moods lately. HUGS.
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