June 22nd, 2007

Sydney - couch

Sydney's new medication...

...isn't agreeing with her at all. :( We've been cleaning up puppy puke for the past couple of days. :( Poor Sydney! :( I went back to the vet today to get a different set of meds - hopefully this one won't be so hard on her stomach! :(

And if it's possible, Sydney's vertigo actually looked worse today... *SIGH*
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Sheri - fingerspelling

On a non-Sydney note...

...my last actual class day for night school was this past Thursday night. Next week Tuesday is our final exam and Thursday we're all going out to California Pizza Kitchen to talk, socialize, and introduce our family and friends to each other. It should be a fun evening. :)

My next class doesn't start until the middle of August and even with the exhaustion of everything going on (Sydney's illness, work, trying to maintain my website business, etc.) - I'm REALLY going to miss going to class every Tuesday and Thursday nights!! :( I'm also afraid that I'll become rusty and forget what I learned if I take 6 weeks off between classes. :P What I'd really love is more interaction - I'd love to volunteer somewhere at least twice a week - too bad there are hardly any evening volunteer opportunities available.

And I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I haven't mentioned my job in a VERY long time... My increasing frustration with it and not wanting my posts to be MORE depressing than they already are contribute greatly to my avoidance of the subject recently. So, luckily for all of you, my work rants will probably not resume anytime soon...

Thankfully, it's the weekend and THIS is the weekend that Mark & I are seeing "Ratatouille" (I mistakenly thought it was last weekend...) and then on Sunday Mark & I are taking all the in-laws out to Kincaid's for dinner. :) It's been a while since we've seen them all so it should be nice. :)

I thank all of you who have been putting up with all my Sydney posts recently. It seems to be all that we've been about the past few weeks... :( I assure you that I'm not usually such a depressing person. Big HUGS to all of you.
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