June 28th, 2007

Sydney Dog

An update on Sydney...

...It WAS the medication!

Two days after we stopped giving her the Metronidozale she went from not even being able to hold her head up or focus her eyes when she was carried (I swear, she was REALLY awful a couple of days ago...) to sitting up this morning and squeaking her stuffed toy. :)

Of course, she still has A LONG way to go in terms of recovery since she still gets attacks of vertigo every now and then and she still can't sit up for prolonged periods of time (and she hasn't stood or walked for a month...) but the good news is that she's MUCH better than she was earlier this week!

We have no way of knowing how far she'll progress or whether the progress will continue, but for now, this is enough for us. :)

Thank you all SO MUCH for all your prayers and good thoughts for her!! Sydney's such a strong dog with such a strong spirit... there were times that I'm ashamed to say that I'd given up hope that she'd ever get better. :( I should've learned that I shouldn't give up until Sydney does... My love to all of you!
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Sheri - fingerspelling

Thank you all so much!

Sydney seems to be doing a bit better each time I see her. :) She still can't sit up for prolonged periods of time and she has a hard time holding her head up, but it's definitely an improvement over the way she was just a few days ago. Small steps, but at least they're steps in the right direction. :)

I spoke with our vet today and she was concerned about Sydney's liver without the Metronidazole... She told me that her fear was that Sydney reacted this way to the medication because the damage to her liver was just too extensive... :P To me, though Sydney seems fine in every other respect - she just can't seem to shake her dizziness. I do worry about the liver condition though and agreed to speak with her tomorrow about starting a different medication - though after our ordeal with this one, I'm a bit leary about giving her anything else...

Non-Sydney News:

Tonight was the last class for my night school - we all met at the California Pizza Kitchen in Kahala Mall and hung out, talked, and learned new signs. :) It was a lot of fun and we all got to eat some really great food!

This past week I decided to take the next session and not wait a term like I'd previously planned. I spoke with my instructor who said that missing 3 classes would not be a lot and she was fine with it. I'm actually really glad because I totally enjoy my classmates and would love to see them all in the next session! :)

My teacher's husband also mentioned Deaf Chat Coffee where we could go and meet others in the community and practice our communicating skills. :) He said there was one tomorrow night at the Starbucks at Ward Warehouse, but I don't think I'll be able to make that one...

Thanks so much again for all your good thoughts for Sydney - she is definitely a lot better than she was but still has such a LONG road to recovery... I'll leave you all with a group picture taken tonight of my class. :)

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Big HUGS to everyone!
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