June 30th, 2007

Bets - in Honky Tonk Laundry

So... we finally have our theatre schedule for July finalized. :)

Friday, July 6th (eve): Annie Get Your Gun @ Moonlight Amphitheatre (to see Bets!)
Saturday, July 7th (eve): Pirates of Penzance @ Musical Theatre West (to see Steve's GREAT work!!)
Sunday, July 8th (mat): Can-Can @ Pasadena Playhouse (to see Kevin!)
Sunday, July 8th (eve): Jersey Boys @ the Ahmanson
Monday, July 9th (7pm): Phantom @ the Venetian in Vegas! (to see Kristi)
Monday, July 9th (9:30pm): Phantom again (to see Kristi!)
Tuesday, July 10th (eve): First preview of Zanna, Don't! @ West Coast Ensemble (to see Nick's GREAT work!!)
Wednesday, July 11th (eve): Jersey Boys @ the Ahmanson
Thursday, July 12th (eve): Can-Can @ Pasadena Playhouse (to see Kevin!)
Friday, July 13th (eve): Trying to see The Thief @ the El Portal Theatre (to see Erika!)
Saturday, July 14th (eve): Concert at the Arboretum

And a quick update on Sydney... She's moving all around our house. :) She keeps trying to follow me when I leave the room, which is both cute and sad at the same time. She still can't stand up and walk, but she pushes herself around on her front paws while she sits up... She now sits up for long stretches of time, wags her tail, tries to stand up, and can now sit up and drink water with very little assistance! We hope that by next week she'll be able to stand again. :)

Here's a photo of Sydney taken on June 28th when she was just starting to get better. She gotten a lot better at drinking water since then, but I thought this photo of her (though a bit sad) was still really cute. :)

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Hope you're all having a nice Saturday, I'm off to spend time with my fuzzy dog!
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