July 8th, 2007

Mark & Sheri 013007

Weddings, wonderful friends, new cameras, and swash-buckling pirates! :)

The Wedding

Yesterday morning, Mark & I headed down to Corona Del Mar to attend the wedding of our VERY good friends, careleswhisper and rripley. It was SUCH a GORGEOUS and touching wedding! I admit that I almost broke into tears when the music began and we all turned around to see Carrie's sister (and maid of honor) Laura who burst into tears before she walked down the aisle! Everything was just so lovely!!

The New Camera...

Halfway through the wedding, my digital camera decided to die on me! I was SO panicked, not only because I really wanted to take pictures of the wedding, but, for once, Mark decided to leave his digital camera in the hotel room! :{ For someone as attached to her camera as I am, it was pretty traumatic to be at a big wedding and have NOTHING to shoot with! :{ After much discussion, Mark & I decided to rush out to Fashion Island Mall after the ceremony (and before the reception) and buy a new camera! I swear, it was the fastest $400 that I've EVER spent - but considering the "once-in-a-lifetime" nature of the wedding, it was SOOO worth it!

I ended up buying a T100... which I like less than my old camera, if you can believe that. :P The photos (when looked at on full magnification) look a little like someone put a distortion "noise" filter over it... I can't get used to it, but I'm so glad that I have a camera for the rest of the trip (and for the rest of the wedding!)

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The Swash-buckling Pirates!

That night, Mark & I headed down to Long Beach to see the evening performance of Pirates of Penzance at Musical Theatre West. :) I have to say (and this is said with NO bias whatsoever...) - I truly think that the Musical Theatre West is among the FINEST professional theatre companies in all of California! Their productions are SOOO professional - the choreography is always stunning, and the performances are ALWAYS top rate - I think I've seen eight shows there so far and have not been disappointed yet!

Pirates was no exception! It was hysterical and silly, and wonderfully, wonderfully staged! The show, of course, was directed by Steve and though I'm ashamed to admit it, it's the first "Steve directed" show that I've had the pleasure of seeing. The little touches like the slow motion final attack scene of the Major-General was just hilarious and a great staging choice. :)

The performances were all so wonderful. At first, I was a little apprehensive about seeing Rex Smith in the leading role (the extent of my knowledge of him was limited to "Solid Gold" in the mid 80's, so you can understand my hesitation...) but he was great as the Pirate King and SOOO hilarious! After the first song and his duel with the orchestra's conductor, I had already warmed up to him. :) Norman Large was FANTASTIC as the Major-General and was my favorite part of the show! He was ABSOLUTELY hysterical and something about the way his fake mustache moved when he sang "I Am The Very Model of A Major-General" had me giggling the entire time! And Kristofer McNeeley was a GREAT Fredric, though throughout the entire show, whenever he was onstage I kept thinking he looked EXACTLY like Chad Brannon... which was both amusing and a little distracting at the same time... ;)

One of the nicest things about the evening was seeing and getting the opportunity to speak with Steve, though... he is SUCH a sweet person and made sure that Mark & I fully enjoyed our Pirates experience!! I can't thank him enough for his hospitality!! If any of you live in the LA/Orange County/Long Beach area, please check out the show before it closes next weekend - it's SUCH an incredible production!!

Today Mark & I are heading to Pasadena to see Kevin in Can-Can, then we're going to the Ahmanson to meet Corliss and Dianne for drinks before the evening showing of Jersey Boys so it should be a wonderful, wonderful theatre day! :) I'm off to read all of your entries! :D Big HUGS to everyone!!
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