July 9th, 2007

Jersey Boys

A GREAT day here in LA!!

Called my Mom to check up on Sydney and she seems to be doing much better. She still hasn't been able to stand up, but she's getting there! The best news was possibly that my Mom's neurotic puppy Yuki has been leaving Sydney alone... I guess dogs understand when another dog isn't well. In any case, I'm glad that Sydney's doing fine, but I sure do miss that fuzzy dog!!


This afternoon, Mark & I drove out to Pasadena Playhouse to see Kevin in Can-Can. I'd heard a little, going in about the show and couldn't wait to see Kevin and Michelle Duffy (who played his romantic lead in Johnny Guitar last year) together on stage again!

The choreography in the show was brilliant - in fact there was a particularly spectacular dance sequence ("Can Can") right before the end of the first act that got so much applause, the show had to stop for a few minutes. Kevin was wonderful, as always, as Aristide, the law abiding judge who falls for Michelle Duffy's club owning Pistache. David Engel is very dastardly as the sleazy Hilaire, and Justin was SOOO funny as Etienne - the artist (of course!!) :)

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Meeting Dianne & Corliss for dinner :)

After we left Pasadena Playhouse, we headed over to the Ahmanson to see Jersey Boys (the second time for me, first time for Mark.) We got there a little early and planned to meet our friends Dianne and Corliss for a quick dinner before the show. :) They were SUCH sweethearts and brought quite a spread!!

After dinner, they gave us the grand tour of Disney Hall and surprisingly, I've been back and forth to the Ahmanson numerous times during my visits and I've NEVER seen Disney Hall before! They were SO sweet to take us around and make such a wonderful dinner for us. :)

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Jersey Boys - a second time!

Went to see Jersey Boys for the second time tonight and was disappointed to find out that Christopher Kale Jones was no longer doing Sunday evening shows. :( Instead we saw understudy Rick Faugno go on as Frankie Valli. And while he was great, I really missed Christopher Kale Jones in the role.

After the show, I did something I almost NEVER do... I stood at the stage door and waited to see people I don't know at all... One of the scarier moments in my life - I'm SOOO not good at introducing myself and waiting at the stage door when I don't know anyone in the cast.... I always feel rather silly and I never know what to say to the actors beyond, "You were great, I loved the show!" :P

But I did get to see Erich Bergen and Jackie Seiden (who is incredibly sweet and nice) and Deven May... Each person, when they found out we were from Hawaii said, "Oh you must know Chris Jones!" which was VERY cute. :) Sadly, I did tell them that though we knew Chris was from Hawaii, we didn't actually know him - and we were both sad that we were unable to see him in the show tonight.

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I'm off to get some rest!! I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to your comments or comment on any of your entries yet - I will tomorrow, I promise!! Mark & I have to get up and leave at 5am to make it down to Vegas in time and since I'm driving, I'd better get some rest! :)

Big HUGS to everyone!!
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