July 11th, 2007

Sheri & Nick

Zanna Don't last night and finally a break in our travels!

I wanted to quickly thank all of you who have been putting up with my sporadic comments and late replies to your comments! The trip we're on has been so much fun, but hasn't left me any internet time at all! For the past few days all I feel like I've been doing is driving... If I couldn't feel my butt right now, I'd be certain it was still stuck to the seat of my rental. :P

Not that I'm complaining at all because this trip has been absolutely fabulous so far. We've been blessed to have seen so many wonderful friends, so many incredible shows and performances, that I'm in pure theatre bliss. :) And I think because the next couple of days are light on the theatre (only evening shows) and light on the driving (no more early morning jaunts to Vegas for us) I can spend time actually catching up on things and seeing friends. :)

Last night Mark & I drove down to the Hyperion Theatre in West Hollywood to see the first preview of Zanna Don't. It was SUCH a delightful production! Nick directed it and his shows are always SOOO incredible! He has such a great vision and he's SUCH a great storyteller that little things that he did to make the show characteristically "Nick" had me giggling the entire night. :)

Since it was the first preview, Nick was in the audience (actually sitting VERY close to us) and he took notes furiously throughout the show, laughed loudly when Danny Calvert had a bit of problems during an onstage quick change (out of his pajamas), and looked so proud of the cast when the show was done. I loved my seat and seeing Nick out of the corner of my eye - it was so much fun to watch him see the show!

Dan Pacheco (who I'd previously seen in Altar Boyz and I Love A Piano at Musical Theatre West) was so great as Mike the cute and very endearing chess champion who falls in love with the school's star quarterback. And Danny Calvert (who I'd previously seen in the same production of Altar Boyz) was so funny and heartbreaking as the lead character, Zanna.

It was a wonderful production and a wonderful evening! I was also able to see and speak with Tami's husband, Chris (who was working at the box office) as well as being able to meet Heather Marie Marsden's friend (and former co-star in Beastly Bombing, Darrin at the show. She surprised me when she approached me and asked if I was Heather's friend - it was only then that I totally recognized her from all her photos - she was so nice and I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet her.

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Today we're relaxing a bit in the hotel and will head back to the Ahmanson tonight to see Jersey Boys yet again! :) Hope you're all having a nice week! Big HUGS to you!!
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Sydney - couch

Just got a call from my Mom...

...Sydney seems to have taken a huge turn for the worse this morning. She's taking her in to the vet. It seems that she's had what my Mom thinks are seizures and she's drooling. :( Please, if you can spare some prayers for my fuzzy dog we would really appreciate it... I really don't know what I'd do if anything happened to her and we weren't home. :(

I hate that we're out here and can't be with her! :( I feel so helpless! :(
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