July 12th, 2007

Sydney is...

First of all...

...thank you all so much for all your prayers and well wishes for Sydney. Mark & I love you all and appreciate the support more than you know.

It was a very hard night for us last night. We spoke with my Mom who said the vet said that in addition to Sydney's liver problem, she also has a kidney problem and on top of the seizuring, she's also blind (when did that happen??) The vet said that her eyes could see but that the advanced state of neurological disorder that Sydney came in with, the eyes aren't telling the brain what to register. She was also very anemic and pale.

The vet recommended hospitalization and fluids to flush out all the toxins in her system - but the vet also told my Mom that because of the extensive neurological damage, we might want to consider not pursuing treatment any further - my Mom ended up leaving Sydney in the hospital overnight. We spoke long and hard last night (there were a lot of tears from the both of us) trying to decide if one or both of us should fly home to be with Sydney and what we should do about the "decision"... We ended up deciding that we'd wait until we spoke with the vet... if the vet said that there was no improvement, one or both of us would try to fly home and we would probably try to be with her when we made our "decision."

I haven't posted any of this yet, because everything was so up in the air... as it still kind of is. The vet called us this afternoon and said that she was improving a bit. She didn't seizure last night and she's able to sit up pretty sturdily leaning against her cage. She's still not able to stand (or eat) on her own and they haven't checked her vision yet, but the vet said it was possible that the vision thing wasn't permanent. We're so thankful that she seems to have improved (even if it is just a bit) and we want to see how things go within the next couple of days.

One of the things that scared me the most was that I was afraid that we'd have to make our "decision" from here... It would just kill me if I didn't get to see her at least one last time or be with her in her final moments!!

So thank you all so much for all your comments in my previous post, for all your prayers and good thoughts and for your love and friendship. Mark & I really, REALLY appreciate it! It's still going to be a hard road and we're not sure that a "decision" still doesn't need to be made somewhere in the near future - but at least we're comforted in the fact that she seems to be doing a bit better than she was when my Mom brought her in and that the "decision" is one that doesn't have to be made right now.

Our love to all of you!