July 14th, 2007

Sydney & Sheri

A Sydney Update

It's been an up and down roller coaster ride for us waiting for news from the vet these past few days. Yesterday was particularly bad when the vet called to tell us that Sydney seemed weak, slept all day long, and didn't seem interested in anything. The vet told us that she didn't know how much longer Sydney could go on like that...

Needless to say, we were devastated... :( We did a lot of talking and decided to wait another day to see if Sydney was just having a bad day... Then tonight, the vet left a message on both of our voice mails. She said that Sydney was doing a little better today, she was eating,... and although she was pretty unsteady, she could actually stand on her own!!

OH MY GOODNESS!! I know that there's still SOOOO much wrong with our poor dog, but for her to be able to stand -- I mean, she hasn't stood up for 4 weeks and we feared she never would! The vet also said that she had a much better attitude than she did when she came in - and though she didn't talk to us specifically about the vision tonight, she did say the other day that it appeared that Sydney could see.

Though that was the BEST news that we could hear tonight, we are still VERY worried because Sydney's liver condition seems to not have improved. We hope and pray that she pulls through this and we'll be able to have her back walking around our house again, but we're also very realistic as well. But, at least for now, just the news that she's standing is wonderful enough for us...

We head home tomorrow and will pick her up from the hospital straight from the airport. We know that she's still not out of danger, but any good news is wonderful for us at this point. We thank all of you for all of your prayers for Sydney - she's an amazingly strong dog and we feel blessed for everyday that we have with her. Big HUGS and much love to everyone!
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