July 25th, 2007

Sydney is...

A Sydney-dog update...

She's hanging in there! :) She's still her stubborn little self, with her strong, fiesty personality always trying to get up and walk around the house and expecting cheering and applause each time she tries and almost succeeds. :) She seems to be in good spirits and not any different health wise from when she was brought in to the vet on Saturday - in fact, if anything, she seems a little stronger and more willful.

I've been coming home for lunch when I can to spend time with her since her illness (and to check up on her and give her water) and it's really been the best part of my work day. Just walking in the door and seeing her little fuzzy tail wag, just completely makes any bad day that I might be having absolutely wonderful. And it constantly reminds me how lucky we are. We really do feel incredibly blessed for each new day that we're allowed to spend with her.

I can't tell you how much she'll be missed when she finally does leave us... She's been so much more to us than just a pet, she's really and truly been our little baby. We've had her for as long as we've had our house and it'll be SO weird to spend time at home and not be surrounded by her fuzziness. :(

Before this post turns into depressing drivel, I'm off to think happier thoughts and HUG the heck out of my fuzzy baby. Big HUGS and much love to you and yours!!
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