July 27th, 2007

Sydney - happy

Sydney, the miracle dog!

I know that this doesn't change the fact that my poor fuzzy baby is so sick, but in her little miraculous way she has shown us once again that she doesn't give up. This morning (almost as if to show off) ;) she stood up (pretty sturdily too) and proceeded to walk around the house! :D Of course, she was a bit unsteady when she walked and she almost fell over a couple of times, but she DID IT!

For the vet to have told us that her neurological damage was just too great and that we should consider not pursuing treatment, and then to have Sydney turn around just two and a half weeks later - being able to walk, is just amazing.

I swear, this dog never ceases to amaze me. And though we know that she's in the final stages of liver disease and doesn't have much time left, it's a testiment to her amazing courage and eternal optimism that she's been able to walk again.

She has her good days and her not-so-good days, but as I've said before we are just so thankful for every day that we're allowed to spend with her that any time we have left is absolutely a gift. We continue to thank all of you for your prayers and good thoughts for Sydney - Big HUGS to everyone!
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